Order Status

The status of your order is available in Your Order History almost immediately after you place an order and is automatically updated each time your order advances through the process. The Order History information can be accessed from the Track Order, My Account and Sign In/Register pages. Please note order information may not appear on Kipling-USA.com in your order history for up to 1 hour after you place an order.

If items within your order ship separately, Order History information will be displayed for each item. The following list of status messages will inform you of your order status.

Most orders follow this sequence:

Standard Status Messages
Submitted and Processing Your order has been submitted and the information you entered during checkout is being processed.
Item(s) located in stock The items that you selected and submitted with your order during checkout are available and have been located in our warehouse.
Shipped on: 00/00/0000 The items have shipped from our warehouse to the indicated shipping destination.

After your order has been shipped, your tracking number, if available, will be displayed. This number allows you to check the shipping status of your order through the shipping company. If items within your order were shipped separately, Order History information will be displayed for each item. Depending on the shipping company, you can click on the tracking number to view the delivery status of your order.

Please note that shipping companies may not have the ability to track a number for up to 48 business hours. All questions regarding the status of a package with a tracking number should be directed to the shipping company (Fed Ex, UPS or U.S. Postal Service). To contact the shipping company, simply click on the tracking number. You will then be redirected to their website where more information is available.

If you still have additional questions about your order, please contact us via e-mail or phone.