Boost Your Happy Meter

Take Care: Quick & easy tips
to boost your happy-meter

Feeling a little less bright-eyed today? Although we love watching the color of the leaves change, taking-in a crisp breeze, and sipping pumpkin lattes, autumn is definitely upon us; and it’s not uncommon for many to feel a touch of blue with greyer skies. But, don’t fret! Here are some quick tips to give your happy-meter an instant boost!

1. Jam on

Need some motivation to get you movin’? Try some up-beat tunes. A tad cheesy, one-hit-wonders aren’t off the table here!

2. My pleasure

We’ve all heard it before, “To give is to receive.” Well… someone was on to something because recent studies suggest that giving actually does increase happiness, especially when we help people we know. So, go-on and donate or lend a helping hand!

3. Autumn cleaning

It’s been proven that clutter can affect creativity, and it goes for happiness, too! Unclutter and even rearrange the furniture in your home and workspace to feel an instant boost in wellbeing and renewed sense of self.

4. LOL

This might seem like a given, but smiling and laughing release your happy hormones, Endorphins. So if you need a quick mood-adjuster, do this now… and often! ☺