Monkey Business


September 2013

Ever wonder what our Kipling Monkey is all about? It starts with learning a little bit about our history. Did you know the Kipling brand is named after Rudyard Kipling, the English author of the classic read, “The Jungle Book?”

So, here we are, a brand named after an imaginative author who wrote a series of inspiring stories about adventures in a jungle filled with clever animals – monkeys included! To both celebrate this history and represent our fun-loving and adventurous brand the Kipling Monkey was born and is now our furry, little mascot. We attach a Kipling Monkey to each product we make and even offer boxed collectibles with fun themes such as the Royal Baby Monkey, Country Monkeys, and more. Then, we name each and every, individual monkey sold with our products after one of our amazing employees from around the world.

We have so many monkeys, though, that we are always looking for new names. Think you’ve got one we can’t live without? Tell us on Twitter @KiplingUSA #KiplingNameGame. You never know, one day you could receive a Kipling accessory and Kipling Monkey with your very-own name on it! Now, how’s that for monkey business?