Make Happy - Chictopia Style

The stylish guys and gals at Chictopia, a distinguished fashion website, love bringing joy to others. For that reason, they're taking part in Kipling's one-of-a-kind Make Happy campaign. This Spring, Chictopia even created their own Make Happy contest to spread the word about the Make Happy Movement.

As the contest rules explain, the competition is simple--share on Instagram or send to Chictopia an original photo or video, of a person, animal, setting, activity, or object that always brings a smile to your face and brightens your day!

Why wait? Whip out that camera, and capture your adorable puppy, your soothing bubble bath, or whatever else leaps to mind. Three winners will receive a $500 Kipling gift card to splurge on top-notch handbags, backpacks, and accessories at

Chictopia is proud to collaborate with Kipling and take part in the Make Happy Campaign. The campaign entreats people ― especially prominent artists and content creators ― to share things that make them happy.  You can read more about the Make Happy Movement here.