Make Happy with a Kale Smoothie - Chictopia

In this video, Chictopia CEO Helen Zhu shows us how to make something that brings her true happiness: a cold and delicious kale smoothie. While prepping the fruit and veggie-packed green drink, Zhu mentions that her husband prepares this thick, flavorful beverage for her every night-- What a guy! Smoothies provide tons of vitamins, fiber, and protein, plus the added value of following a daily routine, it's clear that Zhu and her husband are one happy and healthy couple.

Kipling's Make Happy campaign inspired this video. Make Happy asks fans, followers, and bloggers to share the things that make them blissful. DIYing, spending a day on the beach, or concocting a nutritious smoothie are just a few great examples shared by fans who have already joined the make happy movement. In fact, after watching this clip, you might feel like mixing up a power smoothie, grabbing a protein bar, packing your Kipling backpack, and heading out on a grand adventure.