The New Style Rules For Back To School

With a brand new school year in session, it's the perfect time to put a fresh new look in motion.  We are waving "bye" to the in-crowd and following the beat of our own drum, because at Kipling we believe in the importance of personal style over perfect style. Below are our style rules to help you make a statement this year.
  1. Perfect Match:
Matching, one-tone ensembles are definitely having a moment this summer-- just think of all the white-on-white outfits you've seen.  Make the most of the ‘matchy-matchy’ trend and give color coordination a try. Got the Ravier backpack in French Lavender? Why not match your nail color? Or if you really want to take it next-level, try the lavender hair that’s so big on Tumblr right now.
  1. Make It ‘You’
Own your style and personalize your bag! Start a bag charm collection, a must-have look in style in hubs like Tokyo.  Our Kipling monkey key chain makes the perfect jumping off point to get your collection started. Want something more permanent? Add some studs or check out the monogram shop.
  1. Think Print
Make your mark and choose print, the biggest trend from the latest runway collections. From floral's, to colorful digital and novelty prints, when it comes to color this year the bolder the better!
  1. If you can’t match it – mix it!
Print mixing can take some next-level skills, but the real trick is to trust your instinct and go with what you love.  Floral can go with a stripes, and polka dots with prints--  all they need is one common color. Go on, test it out.
  1. Take Note
Nothing makes writing more desirable than cute pen and a whimsical notebook. Okay, so maybe there’s no scientific proof, but we think it’s an indisputable fact! Grab yourself a cute set of stationary and get inspired.
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