12 Days Of Giving: Creating Memories

It’s no surprise that some of our best moments during the holiday season make our greatest memories. Whether it’s taking that first bite of Mom’s homemade gingerbread cookies, watching the look on your best friend’s face as she opens the perfect gift that you searched far and wide for, or walking through a beautifully festive neighborhood adorned with lights and wreaths: these are the moments that keep us coming back for more, each and every holiday season!

Make That Gift Extra Special

The best part for us however? Purchasing the perfect gift for that special someone. In a world full of beautiful products to choose from, how do you make that gift extra special? We at Kipling believe that monogramming is the simplest and most effective solution to that problem! Monogramming offers a creative, pretty and fun way to personalize a gift and lift it from ordinary to extraordinary.

What is Monogramming?

For readers who may be unfamiliar, Monogramming is the process of putting an individual's initials onto a product either through embroidery, carving, engraving, etching or sewing. At Kipling, we use high tech and precise monogramming technology to ensure personalization is perfected, whether on that eye-catching handbag, outrageously awesome tote, or classy and chic luggage item. While not every Kipling item can be monogrammed, there are a wide range of choices and you're guaranteed to find one that suits you or that special someone perfectly. For your best friend, you may choose to monogram a cosmetics bag or pouch. For a new mother, you might choose a monogrammed tote bag or diaper bag. For that student in your life, the ultra-chic monogrammed backpack. The possibilities are endless!!! We encourage your to check out the wonderful products we have offer you, many of which can be creatively personalized. And lucky for you, we’re offering free monogramming for a limited time only, so hurry on over to our Monogram Shop!! Only the best for our wonderful Kipling fans :)