Holiday Shopping in 2014 - Tips & Tricks

Are you ready for the 2014 holiday shopping season? As you hunt for the perfect gift for everyone on your list, we have some great tips to keep in mind to make the most of this year's shopping deals.

Shop Early, Shop Often

Save yourself the last minute hassle of crossing off every item on that to-do list. Plan early: retailers start their sales and special promotions well in advance so keep a lookout for what’s happening amongst your favorite retailers.

Know Your "Deal Days"

For years, Black Friday might be the official start of the holiday shopping season, but the sales don’t end until the end of the year. Cyber Monday is becoming ever so popular .

Look Beyond "Deal Days"

Retailers want to get as much as they can from the holiday season, so they're hitting shoppers up even earlier this year. As a result, Black Friday isn't as big as it used to be and may not offer the best deals of the season. Stores that open on Thanksgiving have taken some of the Friday traffic while Internet sales are drawing customers away from retail locations. Simply put, 2014 offers more opportunities than ever to get gifts at low prices whether or not it's part of a shopping event.

Work With Store Schedules

Shop 'till you drop! Along with early deals, retail stores started opening for extended holiday hours far in advance in 2014, with some staying open right up until midnight. Others are pushing back to open even earlier in the morning on Thanksgiving. This means you can get your shopping done whenever you have a spare moment and not have to wait until the last minute!

Online Shopping or In-Store?

Marketers know that mobile is a big deal this holiday season, so take advantage of the cross-platform advertising to find the best deals before heading out to stores. Don't just leap on the first low price you see; watch for trends and look for deals. In many cases, you'll find better prices online than at retail locations. Shopping around can save you a bundle, as can taking the time to research purchases on your computer or mobile device. The information you find online could help you avoid a shopping disaster, so keep an eye on prices and product reviews as you browse. To help jump-start your holiday shopping and for some great gift ideas, take a peek at our Holiday Gift Shop – you may just find that perfect gift you’ve been looking for! However you approach the holiday shopping season, make sure you go into it with a plan. Know beforehand what you want to buy and how much you can afford to spend. The deluge of deals in 2014 can make it tempting to go over budget, but if you shop smart, you'll cover everyone on your gift list with your bank account intact.