8 Tips to Ring In a Lucky Chinese New Year

For thousands of years, the Chinese New Year has signified the start of new beginnings. It traditionally brings celebrations and wishes for health, wealth, happiness, and good luck. The Chinese believe that a lucky start to the lunar year will lead to a lucky and lucrative approaching year. Here are 8 tips  to help you bring in a prosperous new year.
  1. As part of the tradition, it is expected that people stay up late on the New Year’s Eve to welcome in the lunar year. Firecrackers and fireworks are set off to celebrate this commemoration as well as to ward off the unfavorable spirits.
  1. Red is a joyous color that attracts happiness and repels bad luck and misfortune. Decorating your home, or wearing an article of red clothing or accessory can enhance your luckiness. Be sure to stay away from wearing black or white, as these colors are traditionally related to mourning.
  1. Paying off debts and bills is a promising and positive gesture to do. It shows that you are leaving the problems in the past and moving forward. In the event that you are unable to pay off your debt and bills entirely, making payments to each one is signifies a good action.
  1. Eating porridge for the first meal of the year is considered taboo because it is known that only poor people have porridge for breakfast. Since the Chinese do not want to start the year off in poverty, cooked rice is the ideal first meal as it symbolizes wealth for the entire year.
  1. Cleaning the house and washing clothes before the lunar year begins is highly recommended. Tossing out junk gets rid of the bad luck and makes room for good energy to enter your home. Sweeping right after the New Year has begun is frowned upon as it suggests that you are removing the good luck you’ve just received.
  1. Hold off on that shampoo! Washing and cutting your hair on the first day is considered a no no. In the Chinese language, “hair” is pronounced in the same manner as “fa” in “facai” which means, “to become wealthy.” Washing and cutting hair immediately after the New Year is said to remove potential wealth and fortune.
  1. Put away the sharp objects. Anything piercing such as knives, scissors, box cutters and razor blades should be removed from sight. Symbolically, these items are seen as being ready to shred one’s luck and possible blessings into pieces just by being looked at. Make sure to get rid of them!
  1. For any single people on the last day of the New Year’s commemoration, it is good luck to go to a river or a large body of water to throw a piece of fruit. This is seen as a lucky gesture to attract your perfect match. Traditionally, men throw apples and women throw oranges. As you throw in the fruit, make a wish for your soul mate as it is said to increase your chances of finding him/her.