How to Pack The Ultimate Wedding Survival Kit

As a bridesmaid, your job is to help ensure your bestie has the best wedding day ever! But let's be honest, nothing is perfect. You may not able to help the day go off without a hitch, but you can be prepared for whatever comes your way! Packing a thoughtful wedding survival kit can be a great way to help the bride and your fellow bridesmaids feel relaxed about the possibilities of bumps in the road-- even if they are unavoidable. Our motto? Anything that can go wrong, will, BUT you can be prepared with a survival kit that can stand up against the Apocolypse.


So without further ado, here is our wedding day essentials checklist...

  • Double sided tape
To keep your dress in place
  • Mints
Keep things fresh and clean
  • Q-tips
For makeup fixes
  • Tweezers
For the one that got away
  • Deodorant
Nerves = sweat
  • Band-aids
In case of blisters or cutting your finger trying to pop open champagne
  • Sewing kit
For snags and rips
  • Stain remover
Lipsticks stains and spills be gone!
  • Eye drops
Wedding season also happens to be allergy season
  • Lint brush
Perfection is one swipe away
  • Clear nail polish
The fix for broken nailsĀ 
  • Tissues
Tears of joy
  • Hairspray
Cure static cling and keep your perfect hair in place
  • Bobby pins
Never leave home without them
  • Brush/Comb
To help tame flyaways
  • Anti-slip shoe pads
So you don't fly down the aisle
  • Portable phone charger
So you don't miss any behind the scenes candid's
  • Eyelash glue
Bat those lashes so hard they come loose!
  • Fan
Cell phone fan or paper will work!
  • Nail polish remover
For obvious reasons
  • Pain reliever
In case all that champagne goes to your head
  • Dental floss
Stubborn strawberry seeds and things of that nature
  • Antacid
Tummy issues can come out of nowhere!
  • Tampons
Mother Nature can be cruel
  • Safety pins
The "never leave home without them" item
  • Clear elastics
The possibilities are endless
  • Earring backs
For the many earring backs that have fallen down the drain
  • Nail file
Because nothing is worse than a broken nail
  • Buttons
In case one of a pops off
  • Concealer
For mid-day touch upsĀ 
  • Snacks
Keep granola bars on hand, JIC