Back to school with @lovelychicasblog

Shopping is Charlene Gonzalez's favorite part of back to school season, and who could  blame her? This lovely chica took to her blog and to review our two of our most-loved styles and dished about her ideal back to school ensemble!

July is coming to an end and as August approaches the thought that comes to mind is back-to-school! Yes indeed its time for new classes, new friends, new year, and NEW SCHOOL SUPPLIES! I’m definitely not a fan of those long hours listening to boring teachers, sleepless nights studying for exams or loads of homework. My favorite part of back to school season has always been buying new stylish school supplies and outfits. Choosing the perfect first-day ensemble was so important to me. Many of you may be struggling or having difficulties finding what to wear for this new school year. I want to step into my role of big sis and best friend by helping you with various options and tips. Charlene Gonzalez -Kipling So, Kipling contacted me to be a part of a special campaign and I was completely overjoyed especially because one of my lady icons Gina Rodriguez has been an ambassador for the brand. I’ve teamed up with Kipling to present a back-to-school series. Whether you’re a college or high school student I want to help you pick out the best school supplies and outfit. Backpacks are the best part of back-to-school shopping. It’s the one accessory you will use every single day of school. So it’s important to choose one you really love and feel 100% comfortable with. I want to present you Kipling’s Dawson Backpack. This bag comes in various colors and prints but I choose Turquoise because it adds the perfect splash of color to any school outfit. The best part about this backpack is its storage, seriously it has pockets for everything! You can comfortably fit anything into this Dawson backpack. Plus Kipling’s signature monkey keychain adds the cutest touch to the bag. The outfit I’m wearing is kind of basic consisting of a black t-shirt, ripped jeans and black lace-up flats. This trendy and simple ensemble is a perfect look for back-to-school. Kipling’s colorful backpack and pens case adds all the color it needs. Be sure to check out Kipling’s wide range of fashionable back-to-school collection. Kipling has tons of high quality & fashionable selections. Get an extra 20% off your entire order when you buy a backpack and any other school accessory at KiplingUSA! Ends 8/9 BACK TO SCHOOL TIP: It’s very important to have a special and comfortable area to study and focus on schoolwork. As a blogger I have a special work space, so I can concentrate on everything that has to be done. While in school I also had a special area for schoolwork. Laying in bed or sitting in the living with the TV on is not a wise choice. Make your studies a priority by creating a small comfy studying niche that will help you focus on accomplishing your goals and acing the school year! Be you, Be Lovely Charlene Gonzalez “This post is in collaboration with Kipling. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.”   Charlene Gonzalez -KiplingCharlene Gonzalez -KiplingCharlene Gonzalez -KiplingCharlene Gonzalez -Kipling