Summer 2016 Fashion Trends with Faby Alavardo

What do astrology, summer '16 and the Avariella backpack all have in common? @ShamelesslyFabylous, of course! Fashion blogger, Faby Alavardo shares her summer must-haves and why she loves Kipling "so freaking much."
It doesn't take a rocket scientist  to know that fashion trends come and go probably faster  than it takes to dump your not so cute boyfriend, but one thing is for sure; classic staples will always remain as a closet must-have. A clear example of a classic staple is Kipling, with it's functional, colorful and fun bagsluggagebackpacks and accessories that have made their way into every stylish  women's closet at one point or another.
You see my friend, it all started in the late 80's and early 90's when us cool girls couldn't get enough of the colorful monkeys that came with every nylon backpack inspired by the infamous Rudyard Kipling, author of the The Jungle Book. I kid you not but every stylish girl including me made it a mission to  collect  and trade our Kipling Monkeys and shamelessly compare our new Kipling backpacks with  each other.
Fast forward 30 years and Kipling has kept it's game strong and has remained a classic staple and still a favorite among the stylish crowd. Gone are the days were we had the basic colors and styles to choose from, now we get a full range of colors, prints, styles, and sizes and not to mention that now you can personalize your very own Kipling by monogramming it!
One of my favorite things about Kipling bags is that they are beyond functional in every sense of  the word! They are super easy to clean without having to worry about damaging the material, and they are super roomy which makes them perfect for those of us who carry everything and their souls in their bag. Okay and I must admit, I'm in love with Kipling's Summer 2016 collection due to all the new prints, colors and new bag styles! You guys, I'm a Libra, so besides loving beautiful things I have a hard time making up my mind when it comes to choosing my next beautiful thing.
I opted for the Avariella backpack in scuba diver blue because it's Summer and because who doesn't need a pop of color to brighten up their outfit and day?! Although I must admit I also LOVED, LOVED the Abygail metallic backpack so freakin' much, and not to mention all the pretty Kipling printed scarves and USB phone charger! Anyhow, below you'll find a link to my favorite  Kipling bags and accessories... and if  you must know that Kipling is currently  having a must-shop sale that you don't want to miss out on!
Let me know what you think of my Kipling Avariella backpack in the comments section below, and tell me which one is your fave Kipling Summer 2016 bag. 
X0X0- Faby 
What I Wore:
Kipling Avariella Backpack in Scuba Diver Blue. It also comes in black and french vanilla!
My  favorite Kipling bags and accessories: 
All their printed scarves and last but not least...
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for life according to my phone. 

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