Beyond The Bag: The Inspo Behind Our Varsity Collection

Labor Day came and went, and we jumped into September with arms outstretched. The new season marks the start of so many exciting things-- the first day of school, New York Fashion Week, the return of your favorite tv show , a new fantasy football league, and, of course, new fall fashion.

As we reach the autumn equinox, the bittersweet exit of linen is followed by the introduction of wool, suede, tweed, and knits and slowly but steadily, bright neon colors are replaced with rich primary colors. Enter: our Varsity Collection.

Inspired by all things old-school, these new styles are the perfect combination of nostalgia and newness. Ahead, you will find a dash of insight into the details that went into designing Breah, Soma, Sisi, Sophie, and Sheila. Enjoy.

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