Casual Saturday Outfit with Kipling

I've been somewhat MIA for the past week or two sorting out personal matters in the home and professional front, juggling what seems to be a hundred things at once and keeping sane with endless amounts of coffee throughout the day. I finally sneaked in some Shamelessly Fabylous me time to keep from throwing someone off a bridge!
Maybe I'm being a bit melodramatic, but I must confess that my thoughts were definitely geared in that direction when all of a sudden I looked down, my shoe lace was untied, I stuffed my drink in my Kipling to go about the mundane task of tying my shoe lace, and unexpectedly that led to a  series of questions dancing in my brain. Was my outfit beyond casual for a Saturday stroll in the city? Should  I clean  my sneakers or leave the much sought after worn-in look? Should  I really be stuffing my venti-size cup inside my new Kipling bag? Should I grow out  my bangs? And finally, what inspired my outfit?!
I bet the world just came to  a stop  because you're dying to know the answers to my silly questions right? Well here you go!
  •  My sneakers and Kipling bag inspired my outfit on this casual Saturday afternoon.  I swear I woke up feeling energized and went for a casual sporty look to match my mood and of course the final touch... red lips and a nonchalant, fuzz free ponytail! I wanted a functional look that would allow me to actually enjoy my walk and not have to worry about uncomfortable shoes or if my bag was too heavy, too small, too big or if it kept sliding off my shoulder. So for obvious reasons I wore viagra sans ordonnance my sneakers and carried my trendy but functional bag all day.  I must say they both served their purpose in the most Shamelessly Fabylous way imaginable!
  • I don't regret stuffing my drink in my new Kipling bag because the color of my iced tea and green straw made the perfect contrast against the black color of my bag. For some of you that is the stupidest reason, but I swear that it makes perfect sense to me  and  I promise not to torture you with an explanation of why that makes utter sense.
  • Well, I left my sneakers alone and abstained from cleaning them until I can afford a personal butler to do it for me.
  • I'm growing out my bangs so that in about a month  or two I can just say: What the heck, it's just hair; snip if off again, know that it will eventually grow back, then have me  fall back into the on-again off-again love affair  I have with bangs.
  • Oh, and my outfit was just perfect for a Saturday stroll!
So while you ponder about the bag you totally need,  still don't have, and should definitely be getting, I will make your life easier and post a couple of links to some awesome bags right below. You can also check out how I styled my other Kipling Araviella backpack here.
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