David Bromstad Q&A

We've teamed up with Artist, TV personality, and interior designer David Bromstad to create a one-of-a-kind vintage inspired luggage and travel accessories collection. The innovative and imaginative designer put down the protractor and paint swatches to take on a design project for his one true love: travel.

The travel luggage collection, which is sure to cause some serious accessory-envy at the airport, shines light on the artists larger-than-life personality. Bromstad spoke with us exclusively and dished all the details about his design inspiration, favorite travel destinations, and of course, his love for Kipling.

David Bromstad X Kipling

Why a collaboration with Kipling? 

"Kipling is known for bright color, bold patterns… So am I. It’s the one collaboration that I personally sought out--usually brands come to me. One day I was at an airport waiting for my luggage at baggage claim and was overseeing black boring suitcase after black boring suitcase. I was wondering why don’t people get just as excited about travel pieces as they do any other accessory? Then there’s that time you see a bright suitcase with that cute monkey on it and you’re like ahhh…Kipling! I immediately was inspired and said- we need to work together!"


What is your favorite Kipling piece prior to working with the brand? 

"My trusty Teagan Duffle Luggage! It’s so old, but still reliable and fits everything!"


You’re an artist, interior designer… why a luggage collection? 

"Because I’m also an avid traveler and found an opportunity in the market place to bring quality luggage and a unique travel style philosophy together."


What’s your travel and packing strategy? Just arriving with seconds to spare? Or, arriving extra early? 

"Because I travel so much and it can be so stressful I have to be super prepared. You just don’t know what you’re going to encounter at the airport. So I’m very organized when I pack. Always the night before regardless of what time flight is. Always arriving two hours before domestic flights. All about no stress!"

 David Bromstad X Kipling

What inspired your David Bromstad x Kipling Collection designs? 

"I was inspired by the golden age of travel! -When taking a flight somewhere was an occasion and people dressed up to go to the airport. I love vintage luggage pieces, too. I wanted to have fun with exotic destinations, and vintage travel pieces and related artwork of that time period."


Where are your favorite travel destinations? 

“I love London – it’s just so cool. Mikonos is beautiful. Barcelona is inspiring. And Paris… no words.”


What does Make Happy mean to you? 

"I totally related to this! It’s my approach to designing spaces… I want someone to walk into a room and feel happy. If someone’s walking into a room and not happy or smiling… there’s something definitely wrong. I am all about making happy!"