DIY: A Gorgeous Gallery Wall

Image courtesy of Prints of Heart, via Etsy Pineapples, gold & positivity via Prints of Heart


Have a blank spot in your room? Well, it’s pretty much begging for a gallery wall. We love the multi-frame look because it adds instant pizzazz, is easy to swap as your taste evolves, and is actually a cinch to do. Read on for ideas and quick instructions!

Gather this stuff:


Picture frames & mats, to taste



A level -- for perfectionists only ;)

Pencil or chalk



Frame what you love, whether it’s from an art gallery or you printed it from your computer . Choose pictures, patterns, paintings, words and even swatches of fabric to mount—anything goes. You’ll want at least 5-7 pieces in a range of sizes. Here are a few of our favorite theme ideas:


Sweet pink Paris pictures from The Paris Print Shop Say "oui!" to pink! Via The Paris Print Shop

Vision Board

Make a gallery wall with inspiration that speaks to a dream or goal—hello tropical vacation!


Color Pop

Choose a color and seek out prints and patterns in that different tones of that shade.


Off The Wall

How about some unicorns, ligers, and mermaids mixed with images of clouds, forests and oceans?


Make Happy

Curate happy words, cheerful hues, a love note or two—anything that can’t help but make you smile.



Ok, now that you’ve got the art, grab some picture frames that fit. Go for a sleek, modern look with skinny black or white frames, or make it boho and eclectic with a mishmash of antique, salvaged and colorful frames.



There’s no true right or wrong when it comes to arranging your art, but one pretty foolproof tip is to mount your biggest pieces toward the center. Use your pencil or chalk to mark the wall for the nail, then hammer it in and hang your frame. Once your bigger pieces are hanging, play around with your smaller frames—hold them up in different positions to see where they fit best. If you have a friend helping, have them hold up the frames so you can take a step back and see how it looks from afar.

Once you like a layout, just remember to give yourself a buffer of a couple inches between each picture so things look neatly spaced out. Use your level if it’s important to you that everything’s uber straight.