DIY: Make Garden Daydreams A Reality

“Where flowers bloom so does hope.” “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” “The Earth laughs in flowers.”

With so many delightful quotes about gardens, we think gardens must be one of the happiest things in the world--so why not plant one? Whether you live in rustic forests of Vermont or the bustling city of LA, you can plant a garden anywhere.

First decide how big you want your garden to be. Maybe you are ready to take on a 30X30 space, or perhaps starting with a small window box makes you feel most comfortable. Do whatever works for you.

Pick your passion. Do you like flowers? Basil? Cherry Tomatoes? Find something that will make you smile at the sight of the sprout.

Do some research! Find out what is in season, what grows easily in the climate you live in, and what kind of care the item needs. If your plant needs TLC around the clock and you travel for weeks on end…maybe pick something that needs a little less attention.

Added bonus? Gardening might just be the gift that keeps on giving. Maybe your flowers will grow so big you can gift them to a neighbor, or you will have more jalapenos than your taste buds can handle, bring them to share with coworkers.

Now get digging! Wishing you a garden filled with plentiful veggies and vibrant petals!

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