Don't worry, travel happy

When it comes to traveling, the experience of meeting new people and exploring new places is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Sometimes, however, the hassle of getting to your destination can put a damper on your adventure. In efforts to make your next trip more enjoyable, we put together a few tips to make your travel experience more delightful.

Keep time on your side

Running to catch a plane, train, bus, or a boat can get your adrenaline pumpin’ in a New York minute, but unless you are a thrill seeker who enjoys stress and anxiety, running late is not ideal for any travel day. Tensions run high when you are running behind schedule, which leads to grumpiness and no one likes a grumpy travel companion. Always be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going to avoid putting yourself in a high stress situation.

Lend a hand

If you’ve traveled to a new place or a big city, you know how challenging it I can be to navigate . Always offer a helping hand to anyone who appears to be struggling to find his or her way. You will be surprised how good it feels to simply point someone in the right direction or share your insider tips and tricks for navigating your stomping grounds, plus it will get them moving more quickly, which will avoid a hold up that could cause you a delay. It’s all about good karma.

Chat with locals

Most people are, in fact, willing to lend a helping hand-- so don't be afraid to ask. You have nothing to lose, and likely you will gain a ton of helpful tips. Plus, chatting with locals is a great way to meet new people and learn about new cultures.

Make it Happy…even if it’s not 

Say it with me: “I don’t have control over traffic, flight delays, or inclement weather.” Sometimes life gets in the way and there is just nothing you can do but roll down a window and turn up the tunes. Don’t yell at the MTA official, and don’t huff and puff in the back seat of the car. Take the time to enjoy the music on your ipod, beat that impossible Candy Crush level, update your calendar reminders, or start a brand new book. Isn’t it nice to be off the hook from running 100 miles an hour? We sure, think so.