What to Pack for your Spring Break Cruise

We know you’ve been counting down the days ‘till you can abandon your textbooks, grab your beach bag, and head out the door for your Spring Break cruise. Packing for your trip can be a tricky task considering you’re probably wrapping up your last few papers and exams. We know from experience, what you bring, or rather what you forget, can greatly impact your enjoyment of your Spring Break -- so we are here to help!

First things first, pull out the itinerary. The itinerary will dictate primarily what you will be packing for your trip. Depending on how long your cruise is, you’ll need several outfits for activities, dinners, and stops along the way. So try to focus on maximizing your wardrobe selection with limited pieces.


Think about what activities require casual attire, cocktail attire, swimwear, and extra pieces for any spontaneous plans. Now lay all of your options out and start mixing and matching  to see what works well with others. Bring basics with a few interchangeable standout items i.e. hats, scarves, sweaters , beach cover-ups and reversible bikinis. Fold and roll clothing to both maximize space and minimize wrinkles.


For the various activities you have planned for your trip, a selection of shoes are a necessity. Flip flops/sandals, dress shoes, and closed toed shoes/sneakers are a must for your plans of lying on the beach, sightseeing, biking, etc. Your beach bag should hold the essentials and anything you’d want to be easily accessible such as your sunglasses, sunscreen, passport, ID, camera, beach towel, boarding pass, and more.


Most cruises supply you with basic toiletries, i.e. shampoo and bath soap. For other important toiletries like your conditioner, moisturizer, toothbrush, medication, insect repellent, feminine hygiene products, etc. be sure to carry travel-sized bottles to save space in your bag.

Lastly, be sure to dress appropriately for your destination, and make sure to leave some room in your luggage or carry a foldable duffle to bring back souvenirs for your friends and family. Now go ahead and get ready to have fun during your spring break and tell us all about it!