Fun Summer Activities To Do ASAP


Ah, sweet summertime. Months of pool parties, BBQs, carnivals, delicious food, and outdoor adventures.  But let's be real for a second. How often do your sunny summertime plans quickly turn into Netflix and eating? While summer is all about R&R, there is a balance between relaxing and letting the summer pass you by. So in efforts to help you make memories this season, here is a list of our favorite summer activities for help you make the best of the sunny season! 

Catch up with an old friend

You know the college roommate you've been planning to catch up with? Now is the time to make it happen. Think of how happy you'll be when you finally reunite. You can reminisce about the good old days, and fill each other in on your current happenings. There is no better time to do lunch with old coworkers, and reconnect with old friends.

Go Kayaking

Kayaking is an amazing way to get in touch with nature, spend time outdoors and be active! While you're out, make sure to take a moment to stop paddling, sit back, take a deep breath and listen. It is one of the easiest ways to get in touch with yourself.   


Chose a loved one, a close friend, or both, and look up some great homemade recipes. Make some homemade salsa and guacamole-- anything in season will do! Choose recipes with unique twists, like salsa with a peach or mango or a guacamole with black beans and corn. yum.  

Grow your own fruit and veggies

Whether it is a small pot on your windowsill, a rented plot down the street or a full-blown garden in your backyard, summer is a great time to indulge your green thumb. It can be a great time to connect with some fellow gardeners or a prime opportunity to get some peace and quiet. Not to mention, an added benefit is all of the fresh fruit and veggies that you will be able to eat.   

Take a road trip

Sometimes the open road is a person's best friend. Just you, the car, and endless possibilities. Road trips are a great way to make viagra pas cher memories, meet new people and explore a new town. They can be as long or short as you want them to be, from day trips to week long adventures. Bring your camera, fill up your tank and hit the open road!


Go to a drive-in movie

Travel back in time and venture out to see a blockbuster at a drive-in movie theater. Take your car and park it in front of the giant screen. We highly recommend bringing as many blankets and pillows as possible . Put your back seats down, open the trunk, sit back, and enjoy.   

Workout outside

Working out outside is a great way to work up a sweat while also soaking up some vitamin D. Opt for a hike or a bike ride through the park. Not only is this a great way to stay in shape, but these activities are so enjoyable that they don't even feel like working out! You will thank yourself when the winter hits.