Holiday Getaway: How To Pack Carry-On Luggage

How many times have you tried sitting on top of your luggage to squeeze in an extra pair of jeans? Or arrived at your destination only to realize you forgot your charger at home?

Likely, too many times to count.

A perfectly packed carry-on suitcase is great for everything from a weekend getaway to 2-3 week vaca ! Here are some tips to pack like a pro, organize your carry-on, and not over pack .

A great way to remain organized is by using a packing list. You don’t want to forget something super important, but you also don’t need to try to fit your entire house into a carry-on. Lucky for you – we’ve already made one so you don’t have to do all the work! Download it here.

Now that you’ve got your checklist -- packing for your trip just got a lot easier. Here are 5 tips to help you do just that!

  1. Clothes
Plan your outfits in advance. Depending on how many days and activities/events you plan on attending, pack accordingly. To maximize the number of outfits you can create pack clothes that are easy to mix & match, and transition from day to night. Remember, neutrals are your friends! Throw in a pop of color, a statement piece or a handful of versatile accessories. Fold clothes and roll them burrito style to reduce wrinkles and maximize space in your carry-on.
  1. Shoes
Three pairs should do the trick: 1 pair of heels or wedges for special occasions, 1 pair of flats/sneakers, and 1 pair of seasonal footwear i.e. sandals/boots. Any of which can be worn en route to your destination so you only have 2 left to pack aside your outfits. You can also stuff your shoes with socks to prevent your shoes from flattening and save room in your luggage.
  1. Toiletries
When traveling, size matters! If you don’t own travel-sized toiletries, it’s a great idea to purchase travel-sized containers or gather sample-sized packets for easy packing. Create labels to keep organization . Gather liquids in a zip lock bag to keep everything together and prevent your favorite items from getting destroyed in transit. 4.  Extra Things & Such… Place the miscellaneous stuff in the remaining nooks and crannies within your carry-on without overstuffing. This includes your umbrella, first aid kit, medication, etc. Makeup should be kept together in a pouch/makeup bag. Hair supplies i.e. hair straightener, brush, comb should be kept together as well for better organization.
  1. Essentials!
Packing the essentials last ensures that they will be the most accessible when you need them. Snacks, tech stuff, your favorite books/magazines, wallet, passport, etc... pack them all at the top of the carry-on or handbag so everything is readily accessible. May your traveling be a lot more enjoyable! Where are you planning on vacationing? What are some other packing techniques you recommend for traveling?