How To Keep Your Handbag Organized

Handbags exist to make our lives easier, to ensure we're prepared, and to help us juggle whatever life throws our way. Simply put, handbags are our personal assistants. And let's face it-- we put them through a lot.

Since we rely heavily on our handbags, it is easy for them to quickly become a catch-all for endless receipts, gum wrappers, and loose change. To help you keep this part of your life in order we put together a helpful list of purse organization ideas to keep your handbag in tip-top shape.



1. Find the Perfect Purse

Does your handbag have pockets? A place for your phone? A key finder?  If your bag is lacking functional features, you will certainly struggle to keep your things in order.  Pick a purse that fits your lifestyle and needs.


2. Put Everything In Its Place

If your handbag comes with a place for your phone, water bottle, and has a key clasp , take advantage of those features by putting things in their place every time you enter or exit your handbag. 


3. Use cases and pouches

 A roomy handbag becomes a dumping ground for everything you carry with you. By organizing your purse with pouches and cases, you can stay organized and easily find your essentials while on-the-go. If you ask us, this is the best way to organize a handbag. 


4. Separate your belongings by category

Put your tech gadgets in one pocket, makeup in another, cards and cash in your wallet. Separating items by category helps you to avoid that "I know I put that in her somewhere" moment and searching every pocket for your lip balm.   

5. Refresh and repack weekly

Chanel your inner Maria Condo and keep up with organizing your essentials. At the end of each day, throw away empty gum wrappers, put your change in your piggy bank, and refill or replace anything that you ran out of. Also, consider removing items that you haven't used in a few weeks.