How to organize Your backpack for school

With back-to-school fever well underway, your schedule has probably become insanely busy. You may have found yourself attending dance rehearsals, working at the coffee shop after school, while still making time for study groups, homework, the gym – you name it! Luck for you, your Kipling backpack will be able to help you get through busy days with ease. Here are a few tips to help you organize your backpack to make the rest of your school year run smoothly.
  1. Plan your day the night before. Planning ahead alleviates the stress that comes with rushing at the last minute. Take a look at your planner and see what your day ahead entails. Are you going to practice later? Work? Do you have a presentation? Is it going to rain? Pack accordingly – the last thing you would want is to forget something important!
  1. Lay everything out. The best way to organize anything is by laying everything out and observing the space you’re working with. Does your backpack have a sleeve for your laptop? A place to hold your water bottle? You probably have several compartments and just don’t know what to do with them all. Use your space wisely to ensure better packing techniques and fitting all of your necessaties.
  1. Keep your essentials accessible. Place your must-haves in the most easy to reach places. Put small stuff like your keys, wallet, calculator, sunglasses, makeup, and pens in your go-to pockets. If your backpack doesn’t have enough small pockets, then get yourself a cute pouch or pencil case to so you don’t have the important things floating around.
  1. Organize. Organize! You can organize your books and folders in alphabetical order, in the order of your classes, or color-code them. This makes it easier to know what book you’re looking for right away. A binder is also a great option to keep everything in one place and stay organized. Put your lunch bag closer to the front of the bag so your books don’t squish it. Lastly, pack your spare clothing in a different compartment, on top or behind your books to fill the excess space in your bag. Check out some our backpacks to give you organization and style!