Must-Haves: 12 Items to Keep in Your Gym Tote

Unless working out is part of your weekday routine, getting to the gym can be a difficult hurdle to overcome. While it's easy to blow off the gym for more exciting activities , it is hard to stay motivated, and even harder to make time in your busy schedule.

As you may know, half the battle of getting to the gym is planning ahead and being prepared.  A perfectly packed gym bag, can help you overcome bumps in the road that could prevent you from getting to the gym. With our check list of gym bag essentials, you will be free from excuses to skip the gym... well, most excuses.

Hair Ties | Because, how can anyone work out with their hair down? Bobby Pins | Stray hairs can be distracting and annoying! Bobby pins are a must have for your gym bag-- your gal pals will thank you later. Travel Sized Deodorant | Grab a travel-sized sport deodorant to help you smelling fresh after your workout. Socks | If ever there is an excuse to NOT work out, it is forgetting your socks. Always keep in extra pair in your bag, just for good measure. Lip Balm | Apply lip balm and attack! Water bottle | Staying hydrated will keep you moving and shaking during your workout. 8oz a day ;) Energy Bar | Grab an energy bar to throw in your gym bag, just in case you need a pick-me-up before you start pumping iron, or if you suddenly feel starved after yoga. Ipod/Headphones | How anyone could run on the treadmill without music is beyond us... Face and body wipes | No time to shower before a last minute get together? Face and body wipes will help you in a bind. Brush | Top knot got you tangled? Always keep a brush in you gym bag, just in case all the head shaking you did at Zumba causes a hair disaster. Rollerball perfume | Sometimes deodorant is not enough to mask an intense workout. Grab a your fave perfume to on hand at the gym. First Aid | Don't let a headache or blisters stop you from working out. Bandaids and Advil should always be on hand I.C.E . Shop our favorite gym styles: totes, backpacks, toiletry bags and more!