Reasons to be happy this October

We officially said goodbye to Summer on September 23, but you won't see any frowning faces around here. Sure, we packed away our golden pineapples and flamingo glasses, but we are ready to make the best of the fall season ahead. I chatted with the worker bees at the official Kipling HQ in NYC, and asked them to share their favorite thing about October and why it makes them happy. Here's what they said...


Vivan | Executive Assistant/Office Manager

With the humidity on its way out, and the cool breeze settling in, this girl is ready to do a hair flip and take a selfie or two. Good hair days make Vivan happy, and who could blame her? October doesn't only mean perfect hair, it means perfect style too. A wardrobe refresh is in order this time of year, and Vivian welcomes the chance to wear her favorite ankle, knee high and combat boots with a cozy sweater.


Suzanne | Product Development Director

Come October, Suzanne looks forward to layering up for a weekend of fun activities at the pumpkin patch and the apple orchard. She loves spending time outside in the warm sun and the cool air, while picking a bushel of apples for pie, cider, and other delicious fall goodies. Plus, hayrides and finding the perfect pumpkin for a jack-o-lantern make her happier than a scarecrow in a cornfield.


Kathy | E Commerce Creative Manager

Kathy knows October is all about the spooky holiday season, which means fun costume crafts and DIY shenanigans. Unleashing her inner craftswoman is a chance to let her creativity flow freely. Picking pumpkins with her favorite people , a creepy haunted house, and scary movie marathon make Kathy happy during the month of October. moo wahh hahah.


Chelsea | Sales Coordinator 

Bundling up in October makes Chelsea a happy camper! The perfect plaid flannel, paired with a puffy vest, scarf and a floppy hat styled make the perfect outfit for a day of  hay rides and core mazes. Chelsea is enjoys time spent with a cup of hot cider in her hand, and a seat by a warm fire.


Emily | Buyer-DTC, E Commerce

This gal adores pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and ombre forests lined with crinkled leaves.  Emily is happiest surrounded by fall foliage, and seasonal fruits and veggies. She looks forward to spending her October gathering goodies for eating, carving, and of course some good old fashion fun activities like bobbing for apples.