Seasonal Fashion: Transition from Fall to Winter Effortlessly

With the chilly weather turning frigid and the drizzling rain giving way to a blanket of snow, it is time to transition your wardrobe from autumn to winter! Fortunately, it only takes a few key pieces of clothing and accessories to easily make the fashion switch. Much of your wardrobe works for both seasons, but you might want to swap out plaids for cable knits, replace ankle booties with riding boots and trade a silky print scarf for a woven jacquard scarf.

A Lighter Color Palette

The warm earth tones of fall are typically replaced in winter by cool blue, rich red, shimmering gold and crisp white to complement the season. Add a slate gray wool tunic, a navy blue peacoat or a pair of Radiant Orchid purple pumps to your wardrobe to represent the current color trends. Donning a bright pop of Ochre yellow or a cozy shade of Sangria maroon, which are easy colors to find right now, will help you get through any winter blahs.

Layer Up

You can still wear much of your fall wardrobe throughout winter, but keeping warm requires bundling up, so you’ll need to layer these pieces over each other. Combining layers can make you look bulkier up top so start with thin, insulating fabrics and then add warm cardigans or sweaters. Flaunt your figure by pairing fleece-lined leggings with a fitted cashmere sweater, calf-length leather boots and a wool swing coat.

A Staple Statement Coat

Your winter coat is your statement piece and serves as a canvas for that eye-catching Everleigh Handbag. It is an opportunity to broadcast your personality and style so take full advantage! Unlike fall when you might don a lightweight coat on occasion, you need a serious coat that is wearable everywhere in the colder months. Opt for a neutral shade that goes with everything, such as classic black or charcoal gray, or take this opportunity to add some color to your normally muted winter wardrobe. Belted housecoats and color-block ponchos widely graced the Fall/Winter 2014 runways this season.

A Roomy, Weather-Proof Handbag

Winter typically means carrying more things to help you get through a day of venturing out into the cold, but once inside you need a safe place to store all those accessories. This requires a roomy handbag with a few pockets so things don’t get lost. You also want a bag that can hold up to the wet winter weather and protect your everyday essentials inside. Made of coated canvas, lined with a chic polka dot print and equipped with durable pockets and sturdy zippers, the Joslyn tote is the perfect winter handbag. Best of all, you can still sling it over your shoulder while wearing a bulky jacket so that you can stuff your hands into the pockets to keep them warm.

Winter Wonderful Accessories

Leather is a winter accessory staple. The hip Kipling Leather Bracelet adds a vintage feel to your cool weather wardrobe whether you opt for trendy Canard blue or classic Cognac brown. For a cheeky nod to the season, pair our clever Zip Pull Necklace with your favorite V-neck sweater. You can even stay stylish while trudging through the soggy weather in our heeled rubber rain boots that are available in black or red.