She's Got it In the Bag: Ladies of Kipling (and Urban Outfitters)

Kipling has officially made its debut in Urban Outfitters nationwide. The lightweight, adjustable bags come in a variety of styles for a variety of gals,   from fanny packs to cross body bags to duffels, all complete with a quirky monkey keychain. So when the bags hit our Space 24 Twenty store, we wondered how the ladies of Austin would take to them; which styles they'd pick and what they'd fill 'em with. 
With the help of local photographer Chelsea Francis, we met with five incredibly talented, diverse, and all around cool ladies around town to catch them in their element with their Kipling. 
We're excited to introduce you to: Rachel MusquizCynthia ValdezSanetra Longno, Caroline Kolbe, and Nicole Seligman. Learn more about each lady and her bag below, and don't forget to stop by our official Kipling Launch Party tonight from 5-8pm at Urban Outfitters. 
Photos by Chelsea Francis 
1. Tell us more about you…  
RACHEL: I'm a plant-based chef and entrepreneur and own the food trailer Curcuma. I created the menu with the concept that food is medicine, so every item is both delicious and offers incredible health benefits. When I'm not in the kitchen, I spend my time outdoors. 
CYNTHIA: I am an independent hairdresser and create magic at my own studio called Vinyl Beauty Studio. I have a passion for elevating self esteem and promoting self-love with beauty. I am driven by the everyday interactions I have with women that sit in my chair, their stories and the incredible magic we can create by lifting each other up. My profession has given me tools to not only connect with people but to help people see the best in themselves. Working behind the scenes in editorial has open a door to create a beauty standard as well that can be appreciated rather than envied because it is in fact realistic... I went to college for graphic design and I get to use my skills and extra creativity with a mini line of beauty inspired items I make for my clients as a hobby called Shampoo Factory
SANETRA: I hold several titles: I’m a wife going on 2 years , model part-time with local brands and photographers and an Assistant for Pieceology Vintage - an online vintage boutique. Lastly, I am working on a sustainable brand called Unravel Co. Carrying the meaning to be transparent and stay true to yourself as the unique person you were made to be. I have been wanting to start something of my own with a business model to help others for quite some time and this year was the one. The lifestyle brand consists of handbags and home goods handmade by an amazing artisan community in Ghana. I’m currently in the developing stages and share milestones on our IG along the way. 
NICOLE: I'm the Executive Editor of Junebug Weddings, run a body positive style blog called Writes Like A Girl, co-host a podcast with my boyfriend called Breakfast for Dinner, and recently launched a workbook called Feel Good, Dress Better about defining your personal style.
CAROLINE: I am 23 years old and I am the owner and head designer of a woman’s apparel company called Luella. I went to school for graphic design and I really love both art and design so much. My hobbies include being a plant mom, drinking too much coffee, and eating queso.
2. What does a day in the life look like? 
RACHEL: Even though I've been open for a year, I still don't have a typical day routine! There's always something different and new to figure out when it comes to running a food truck. Besides the logistics of operations, I spend most my time crafting curious concoctions of superfoods, and sharing these creations at Curcuma or at home with friends. I love connecting with my customers at the truck, offering nourishment and conversation. In between all that, I usually find time for yoga, rock climbing, or some kind of outdoor activity. 
CYNTHIA: A typical day in my life starts early almost ALWAYS. I begin checking my emails to make sure I get back to appointment requests as well as answering texts from the night before. I spend a little time in my morning ritual which is coffee or a smoothie. It takes me about an hour to get ready from shower to changing 4 times then I head out to the studio.Most of my appointments are 1-3 hrs long so during that time we talk about everything and anything which means that by the end of the day I have made a few new friends or gotten closer to return clients. When I do photoshoots I usually work almost double shifts, hence the importance of the morning ritual.  I am terrible at taking lunches so I have to force myself to schedule a lunch, being independent you sometimes forget about important things like eating or drinking water thankfully Juiceland is pretty close to me and saves the day often. TYPICALLY since my day revolves around people, my favorite thing is to sit in a theater after a busy week,watch a movie and disconnect, which I do pretty regularly. In fewer words my day starts always with COFFEE and ends with WINE.
SANETRA: Well everyday is pretty much different... But I tend to start off my morning waking up to a full bed with our two cats, Jasper and Charlie. They are the cutest! As a morning ritual my husband and I pray together about our previous day, present and future and giving thanks before stepping out of bed. To wake up we sometimes make smoothies or my hubby does the coffee drill to begin the day. I have my curl routine of fluffing and adding coconut oil after a water sprits to leave-in conditioner from last night co-wash.Now outfits can be a quick task or longer based on the activities for the day.My day could be working from home, setting up at a coffee shop like Summermoon/Figure 8/Bennu with a friend for accountability, helping the hubby on video projects or doing modeling shoots throughout the day and meeting with friends later to catch up and fellowship. Randomly, my husband and I sometimes go out and have personal photo walks around golden hour if the weather is right. 
NICOLE: My days are spent in front of the computer from start to finish! I wake up around 7:30 and start my day for Junebug, writing wedding planning and inspiration posts and planning our editorial calendar. I typically work from home with my cat, Contessa, but like to check out local coffee shops once or twice a week so I can get some human interaction.By 5, it's time for me to switch gears and start writing blog posts, adding to our podcast docket, or answering emails. My boyfriend, Dago, and I are major TV watchers, so we tune into our favorite shows like The Bachelor, How to Get Away With Murder, Agents of SHIELD, and Atlanta while we work on our side hustles. Not very exciting to an outsider, but I love everything I'm working on! Now if only there were a few more hours in the day! ;)
CAROLINE: I usually work from home for a few hours in the morning and then either head to our studio or a coffee shop for the day. I get bored sometimes working from our office if I’m the only one there, so I like to mix it up. My work day typically consists of answering emails, designing new products, checking inventory, and managing our social media accounts. My ideal day ends with meeting a friends for queso and margs!
3. Describe your style in 3 words: 
RACHEL: Functional, Durable, Recycled
CYNTHIA: Comfortable, Minimal, Retro 
SANETRA: Minimal, Chic, Understated 
NICOLE: Playfullly Classic 
CAROLINE: Palm Springs Casual 
4. Which Kipling bag did you select and why? 
RACHEL: I got the Keeper Backpack in black, because I'm always on the go, hauling something, and needing my hands free. I love the material is water resistant, so I don't have to worry about turmeric stains in the kitchen or dirt and water splashes from a hike.
CYNTHIA: I selected the Keeper Backpack because it has enough room for me to carry my life. I carry personal and work items all day long so this size is perfect for me plus the color is awesome...  it goes with pretty much anything! 
SANETRA: The Kipling bag I chose was the Tag Along Duffel Bag in blue, because I needed a carry-on that could count as a personal and to pack clothes for photo shoots instead of using a backpack. I was torn between the mustard and blue. The mustard was calling me, but it was either travel with something loud for spotlight or go neutral with the blue the doesn’t scream snatch me.
NICOLE:  Since my weekdays are so jam-packed, I've been trying to take more weekend trips! My Tag Along Duffel Bag is perfect for carrying all my overnight essentials: pjs, dry shampoo, an additional outfit , and my teddy bear, Lionel Rupert, who I can't sleep without! I love that I can also bring it to a coffee shop as a laptop bag and it wouldn't be oversized or out-of-place. Super versatile and the perfect size!
CAROLINE: I chose the Keeper Backpack, because I am always toting my laptop around with me and I need something cute and stylish to carry all of my stuff in. Also, love that I am able to put a bunch of our cute pins on it and really make it feel personal. 
5. What components might we find in your Kipling bag on a given day? 
RACHEL: Even though I work a lot, I find it necessary to get in nature a couple times a week. It helps me to recharge, and I love how accessible it is here in Austin. I always have a colorful mason jar with a smoothie or superfood latte. My bag is always packed with Greenbelt essentials including a swimsuit, sunglasses, Kammock and a book. I always have notebooks around to get my thoughts out and cultivate creativity through journalling, notes on recipe testing and ideas, and even to-do lists.
CYNTHIA: In my bag you will find the essentials, travel size dry shampoo, my planner, MacBook to keep up with appointments and always lipstick. A girl can get very far with dry shampoo and lipstick, trust me. If I am on a photo shoot day I carry my brushes and comb, also my Instax camera is a life saver; I collect mini portraits of all the hair I do for photoshoots so she always comes with me. 
SANETRA: You would find my chunky Dolce Vita heels or wrap sandals by Coconut, a change of loose clothing for this Texas heat, a book my friend gifted me called Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst to remind me I need to read something, my travel hygiene bag for hair moisturizer/toothbrush/hairbrush/ hair pins and hair ties/ my favorite lotion by Nubian Heritage called Coconut & Papaya hand cream/ my good friend’s apothecary line Folie’s natural deodorant, women products, contacts and maybe some snacks and water for my crazy appetite and hydration.
NICOLE: On a usual day, my Kipling would carry my laptop, my agenda, a copy of Feel Good, Dress Better, my favorite yellow cardigan to fight coffee shop AC, and notebooks for keeping track of ideas for all my projects!
CAROLINE: My laptop, coconut La Croix, my notebook and agenda to write down my design ideas, headphones to listen to some jams, a pair of cute sunnies, my favorite natural chapstick by Primally Pure, and my keys with our Dolly Parton Vibes keychain on it. 
uo_events This blog post was originally published on Aug 24, 2017 Cristina Fisher