Spill It: What's in my Soma Backpack

Hi, and welcome to the first edition of "Spill It!"-- a monthly series that reveals the most in-depth details of the bags we are carrying IRL.


Our first victim, I mean volunteer, is Morgan-- our summer marketing intern. She's spilling the deets on her Soma Backpack, giving us an inside look at her essentials, favorite features, and sharing her tips and tricks for staying organized.

Why did you choose this backpack?

The Kipling office is basically bag heaven so it wasn't easy to choose just one. I finally picked Soma because of the cute, sporty shape and I fell in love with the vintage design.  

What do the things in your bag say about you?

I’m always prepared for anything. From snacks to Tide-To-Go, I always have everything I could possibly need when I’m out and about.  

If you were stranded on a deserted island what would you want to have in your bag?

My phone, a portable charger, a good book, snacks, and a water bottle.  

Give us your tips for staying organized.

Take advantage of all the compartments that the bag has. I like to put things in the same spot so that I can find them easily. For example, I always keep my wallet in the front compartment so I can grab it quickly.

What is one thing that doesn’t fit in your backpack that you wish you could always carry with you?

My laptop is the one thing I wish I could always carry with me-- I'm addicted to my computer. This backpack is perfect for day trips and traveling, and days when I don't really need to have my computer with me.  

What your favorite feature?

Hands-down, the key clasp. I don't know how I ever carried a bag without one. I don’t have to waste any time searching for my keys, I always know exactly where they are and can get to them super quickly.