The Art of Style: How to find the right size purse for you

I think we can call agree that the saying "one size fits all" is a preposterous, laughable statement. In the handbag world, we know that finding the right size bag is just as important as finding a bag that speaks to your personal style. With that in mind, we introduced new sizes of our Art bag and asked our trusty Coordinator, Emily to give all three sizes a try. Here's what happened...



What do you do?

I am half assistant, half planner. I am constantly on the move and rarely sitting at my desk. When I am not assisting the President, I am usually planning meetings, travel, agendas and events for the office.

Where can we find you on the weekend?

Eating. I love finding new restaurants and coffee shops!


What size bag do you usually carry?

I usually wear a medium-sized backpack, it depends what my plans are for the day. If I’m going to get drinks with friends, a smaller backpack works, but if I am going to a gym class and work, a bigger bag for all of my junk.


What is your favorite thing about fall?

Vest and loafers!


Women's lightweight metallic handbagDay 1

Bag size:

Art Mini


Itinerary for the day:

Wake up. Gym. Shower. Head to work. Run to the make my two trains. Grab Starbucks. Get to work, guzzle my coffee, answer emails, think about lunch for too long, eat lunch, power through my work load, think about dinner for too long, head back to NYC, make dinner. Watch mindless TV. Sink into the couch. Sleep. Repeat.


What fits:

Mints, a face mask, phone, tablet, wallet, pen, headphones, lip gloss, lotion, water bottle and so much more.


I'm taking this bag to...

Paris! I am heading there next week and struggling to decide what bag to bring with me. This bag was the great size to fit the necessities.


Women's medium metallic handbag

Day 2

Bag size:

Art Small


Itinerary for the day:

Wake up. Get Dressed. Pack lunch. Head to the Subway, catch my two trains. Grab Starbucks. Get to work, work through my emails, put my ear buds in, have lunch, sit in meetings, finish up work. Back to NYC I go. Gym. Run on the treadmill. Go home. Struggle to walk up my 5th floor walk up. Shower. Crash on the couch. Hangout with my roommate. Go to bed.


What fits:

Phone, tablet, wallet, headphones, lip gloss, lotion, water bottle, sneakers, lunch bag, notebook.


I'm taking this bag to...

Central Park, or any park for that matter. It was a great for work specifically, I was able to pack my lunch, gym clothes, sneakers and the rest of my usual necessities.

I could definitely pack a blanket and snacks for a picnic in the park with this bag.


Women's large metallic purseDay 3

Bag size:

Art Large


Itinerary for the day:

Wake up. Throw on a dress. Brush my teeth but not my hair. Pack lunch. Head to the Q train, then the Path train. Grab Starbucks. Head to work, go through emails, answer the phones, have lunch, answer more emails, sit in meetings, and head home. Run in Central Park. Meet up with friends. Head home. Shower. Make lunch for the following day. Bed.

What fits:

Clothes, change of shoes, book, tablet, notebooks, phone, cosmetic bag, lunch, headphones, lotion, gym, straighter.


I'm taking this bag to...

California! Specifically, San Diego. It is the perfect carry-on bag, and I can take this bag right to the beach with me.

Favorite size:

Art Small for sure! It was the perfect sized tote to fit everything I need for one day, without over-stuffing or being too heavy. The pockets were also a lifesaver when it came to my keys, wallet, metro card, train card, phone, Chapstick etc.!