The Best Travel Outfits for Long Flights

	Let’s be honest... 
	For most of us, , the only thing we care about while traveling is being as comfortable
		as possible. Nevermind looking chic or camera-ready. If you are sitting on a flight
		for 4+ hours, we say: "comfort is everything.
	Picking out a fashionable travel outfit for a long flight is likely to be
		the last thing on your to-do-list.
		A. because you've probably already packed all of your most
	 outfits and
		B. because who has time to prepare a stylish travel outfit when
		you are looking for your passport, scheduling a car to pick you up, reviewing
		your itinerary, and catching up on work before you put your out of office message
	No one. 
	Except maybe celebrities, and they have assistants.  
	For those of us who don't have a personal assistant,  we created a list
		of tips and a gallery of the most fashionable outfits for a long flight. 

The essentials:

  • Comfortable pants
    • We don't suggest wearing shorts, tight skirts, or anything other than leggings for that matter. Leggings are breathable, comfortable and super easy to dress up or down.  Planes, like movie theaters, are notorious for keeping freezing temperatures so wearing leggings is important if you don't want to become a popsicle. 


  • Boots are made for walking...not airports
    • First of all, don't hold up the security line because you have to unlace or unbuckle your knee-high boots. That is just silly and p.s., it is annoying for the people behind you. Second, shoes that slide on and off easily are not only great for getting through the security line quickly, but they are great during a long flight when you want to slip them off and curl up onto your seat. Slip-on shoes also allow you to massage or exercise your feet to prevent swelling and improve circulation. 


  • Layers
    • It is likely by the time you get on the plane, find your seat, throw your luggage in the overhead bin, and sit down, you've worked up a sweat. But, mark my words a short while after you take off, you will get cold, and you will wish you brought socks and a sweatshirt. Not to mention layers look cool. We recommend starting with a lightweight base like a tank top or printed tee in case you get warm. Then, add a jean jacket , University sweatshirt, or cable knit cardigan on top for a custom layered look.   


  • Functional carry-on
    • Don't sacrifice fashion for function when it comes to a carry-on. The perfect carry-on is lightweight, has tons of pockets and is, well, cute! Go one step further and make it super easy on yourself by investing in a 4-wheel carry-on size luggage. These fit perfectly down the aisle and are have easy 360 maneuverability to help roll it on and off-board.


  • A statement piece!
    • Fashion speaks louder than work, so this is where you have room to make a statement and be super stylish! Maybe you want to throw on a statement jacket, stunner shades or carry a printed tote. Refresh your makeup, throw on a bright magenta lip, smooth your seat hair and you're good to go. 


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