Top 10 travel essentials

Blogger, film maker, and youtube star, Megh Anderson dishes on her favorite travel essentials.

Today's post brings together my two favorite things: travel and organization. My annual summer family vacation is finally here, and it gave me the idea to give you guys a look at the things I need when traveling. The majority of these things are bags that help keep me organized, but I've thrown a few other randoms in there as well.
I talk you through everything in the video below, but of course I couldn't resist capturing some of my absolute faves in photo form. This tote bag from Kipling is brand new to the line this summer, and I'm in love. The size, color, and fabric are everything I'm looking for in a good carry on/beach bag.
Kipling killed it again with this catch-all bag. I use it for my chargers, extra SD cards, and headphones.
The most genius bag I've found recently is this brush bag from Kipling. I can fit all of the brushes I use on a daily basis into this tiny bag. It's also black and nylon... Perfection!
Make sure to click the video below to check out the rest of my essentials, and to see everything in detail!
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