What's In Her Bag?

You can tell a lot about a gal by the contents of her handbag. Morning work commutes alike are flooded with a sea of stories wrapped up in a pretty bag.  For most women, the thought of letting anyone in on the contents of her handbag can feel like being on a direct path towards exposing  innermost secrets, tips, tricks, and in my case - bad habits . I would be lying if I said the prospect of discovering how others pack their bags on a day to day basis did not intrigue me. As a self proclaimed lover of all things "thrifty" including but not limited to: beauty tips, DIY, knitting in the subway, tricks to keeping cool  I thought it would be not only fascinating but also just plain hilarious to open up the floor, so to speak.
Calling any and all easily convinced ladies who will let me pour out and peer into that mysterious satchel called a handbag .  I'll be digging deep into a veritable selection of bags belonging to women from all walks of life, all the while sharing laughs and hopefully learning from one and another.  And so I am left with one final remark; here in and out of our Corporate offices we promote the power and importance of sharing and learning from one and another.  So in the spirit of sisterhood I nominate myself as the first victim candidate to Kipling's "Whats in Her Bag?" column. After all, us ladies have to stick together. ;)
Disclaimer: As much as I would like to deny the normalcy of any and all contents of my bag - this is in fact an accurate and unfiltered depiction of its contents...please don't hold my baggage against me { see what I did there? }
Bag Breakdown:
1. Snacks, snacks and more snacks.  There is a reason my friends & family call me "chipmunk" - always storing food in my bag. But I'll have the last laugh while they're all "hAngry"  ;)
2. Dop Kit. I consider myself a pretty well prepared gal. I love this little pouch because it keeps all of my random supplies in one place. Gotta' leave room in my bag for all the crumbs & stray pretzels! 
3. Facial Spray Toner. Especially in the summer months you'll always find me with some sort of rosewater/skin toner spray to constantly feel refreshed. 
4. Stain Removers/Hand Sanitizer. I am quite possibly the most clumsy person on the planet - constantly running into things. It's a rarity if I leave a restaurant without having spilled some part of my meal on myself. For this fact alone I carry a stain remover pen and red wine stain remover spray . Hand sanitizer...well I live in NYC and take the subway multiple times a day - enough said.
5. Makeup.  I actually don't enjoy wearing much makeup at all. Give me some BB cream and a curl of the lashes and I'm done. I think too many women these days cover up the most beautiful parts about them .  I find that curling my lashes instantly makes me look more awake and if a spontaneous get-together arises after work I'll go bananas and throw some mascara on .
Q & A:
-If you could choose only one thing from your bag that you can't leave the house without, what would it be? Earphones. If I can't have my music during work commutes I feel completely thrown off for the rest of the morning.
-What Kipling bag are you currently coveting? I am LOVING the new Carter backpack. It's practicality meets edgy creating one chic 'lil pack.
-You have 5 minutes to get ready/freshen up. What are your top to-do's using only what you've got in your bag? Splash water on my face, spritz with facial toner, curl lashes and brush teeth.
-What does your bag/it's contents say about you in ONE word?  Prepared. :)