Yes, you can wear a fanny pack. Here’s how...

It's 2017, and fanny packs have officially reinvented themselves.  


Fanny packs  have gone from being a go-to travel bag for tourists to a style staple for trend setters, celebrities, and everyone in between. A-listers like Jared Leto and Kendall Jenner have been spotted with bum bags strapped to their waist or clipped over their shoulder. Jimmy Kimmel wore a belt bag the Emmys, and Fashionista reported that the 'pack proved to be the 'it' bag of London Fashion Week.


As this trend slowly made its way into the fashion world, we found ourselves googling "how to wear a fanny pack?" and asking our parents for styling advice. I mean, can you really blame us? This accessory trend caught on like wildfire! 


'Packs are undeniably functional and seriously eye-catching. So, before you say you can't pull it off this popular trend, we are here to tell you 'you can, and you will love it.' There are a bunch of different ways to wear a fanny pack, including; around your waist, over your shoulder,  or as a backpack. Not to mention, they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.


Above all else, belt bags make it easy to grab your cell, cash, keys, and metro card in a snap, and you can be sure your must-haves are safe and secure since they are literally attached to your hip.


So without further ado, here is some style inspiration to help you get started.  Take a look at a  few of our favorite fan photos to show you a bunch of different ways to wear a fanny pack.