12 Days Of Giving: Traveling & Exploring

Tis’ the season for TRAVELING! Whether you’re heading home for the holidays or off to a tropical destination, you’ll need to purchase luggage that is not only stylish but durable and will last through any holiday getaway. When selecting luggage to help you in your world explorations and adventures, you may want to ponder the below:

Accommodations And Weather

Two of the most important considerations are weather and accommodations. Does the trip involve sleeping outdoors, perhaps in a damp environment? If so, it would be wise to purchase water-resistant luggage. People who will be traveling and carrying their suitcases in rainy geographic locations should also look for water-resistant options. Lucky for you, Kipling offers a wide range of our signature nylon water-resistant luggage.

Transportation Method

Will travel involve flying, driving, bus rides or train rides? When flying, remember to check that your luggage meets airline standards for size. Look for luggage pieces that are classified as carry-ons to stay in compliance with sizes. Choose from totes, duffel bags and small cases. Our convenient compartments make it easy to overpack – don’t forget to check the airline’s weight limit!

Traveling Companions

Will there be other travelers tagging along? If so, think about how much space their luggage will require. People who travel in groups using compact cars should plan ahead for luggage. Smaller suitcases, duffel bags and totes are good choices. They are also easier to pack and stack. Trouble picking your back out in a crowd? Have no fear - Kipling’s bright colors and patterns also make it super easy for you to spot your stuff when you arrive.

Trip Duration

The beauty about exploring the world is that it can take as little as 2 days in a small city, or months in a country. Of course, the longer the trip, the more luggage you will likely need Most people who travel for longer periods of time also spend time walking with their luggage. A good strategy is to buy a wheeled suitcase for the majority of your necessities. If additional space is needed, a backpack is a good choice. Weekend bags and duffel bags are good for short trips, totes are great for overnight trips and backpacks are best for frugal trips or outdoor adventures. So remember dear readers: whether purchasing luggage as a gift for a loved one who enjoys exploring or buying it for oneself, keep these tips in mind to ensure the best luggage pieces are purchased for the purpose they will serve.