5 Underrated Seaside Cities Worth Exploring

If filling out the pages of your passport from stamps from all over the world is your New Year's resolution, we totally support you! We all dream about escaping to highly sought after vacation spots such as Paris, Cancun, Miami and Rome. However, if you’re looking for a relaxing seaside getaway minus the big crowds and packed airports, here is a list of 5 underrated cities – the best kept secrets in the travel world today. Get ready to pack your luggage, , and book your flight.

West End, Anguilla Located in the Caribbean, this island-like retreat has everything you need to unwind. Miles of white sand, clear blue waters and gentle breeze awaits you on this oasis. If you’re looking for a place to stay, there are several villa style resorts nearby complete with delicious food, great views and favorable service. Make sure you pack lots of sunscreen, swimwear, and be prepared for a good time. Mozambique, Africa Luxury and exclusivity are the names of the game here. Beautiful beaches and palm trees are in the forecast on this paradise. This African country has over 1,500 miles of coastline bordering calm waters. This makes it ideal for surfing, scuba diving, sailing or even tanning on the beach. If you’re looking to slip away in a crowd free environment, Mozambique is perfection. Panglao, Bohol This vibrant country has many surprises in store for you! Its unique blend of lush countryside and warm, tropical beaches make it hard to believe it’s not a top vacation spot. The Philippines are home to relaxing waterfalls, clear waters and welcoming locals. Activities include diving, and watching whales and dolphins. There are several affordable, yet elegant hotels and resorts for those on a budget. Lisbon, Portugal This historic city has beautiful architecture and eye catching colorful buildings. The oceanarium is a great experience and voted the best aquarium in the world. The marina is ideal for fishing, diving, swimming, and catching some sun. This city has five star hotels, and affordable and family friendly vacation rentals available the second you arrive. Tulum, Mexico Located on the tip of Mexico, if you enjoy the outdoors and breathtaking views, look no further. This city was the last to be built by the Mayans, and it has definitely stood the test of time. Tulum’s underground caverns are perfect for snorkeling and explorations. A unique selection of restaurants, villa style resorts and sleek hotels after a long day on the beach are available for your convenience. If you’re ready for an adventure, Tulum might be your next vacation getaway. So there you have it! Five of the finest, and most over looked vacation spots around! Whether you’re looking to budget or splurge, you’re sure to have memorable experiences at these beautiful and relaxing hideaways. Be sure to grab your Monti luggage and check out our tips for packing your carry-on! What are some other underrated vacation spots to recommend?