Holiday DIY: Baby Footprint Ornament

What better way to celebrate your baby’s first holiday than with an ornament you can use year after year? This quick and easy DIY project would also make a super-sweet gift for a new mom, too .

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Ornament of choice
  • Non-toxic paint in a festive hue or glittery formul
  • Small paper plate
  • Paper for practice
  • Damp towels for cleanup
  Here's what to do: 
  1. Coat the bottom of the paper plate with paint.
  2. Place your baby’s foot in the center of the plate and ensure the whole sole of the foot gets a light coating of paint.
  3. Practice round: using a piece of paper, practice rolling your baby’s foot evenly from heel to toe.
  4. When you’re happy with the outcome, gently roll baby’s foot from heel to toe and bottom to top of the ornament.
  5. Optional: Write the baby’s name and date or birth or “First Christmas!” along the bottom or back of the ornament, where space allows.
SL_Christmas_Cactus_013_Alanna-04515-SMALL This baby ornament project also makes a really sweet gift, especially stuffed into one of our baby bags as an extra surprise! Have fun :)