Spring Break Survival Kit

Don’t we all instantly break into a collective sigh of relief when we know Spring Break has arrived? We can't think of anything better than a weekend away with friends and family, basking in the sun and enjoying some much deserved R&R.

As your prep for your tropical holiday, its important to make sure you’ve packed key items that will help your trip to be the best vacation it can be. Whether you’re throwing everything into a bag last-minute, or prepping early and checking things off your list weeks in advance, we've curated a list of must-have items you don't want to forget!

Lip Balm – So important to keep your lips moisturizer. Chapped or burnt lips can be a real day ruiner if you are not careful. It’s a must have bag essential! Coconut oil – This is a multi purpose life saver. If you’re not on the coconut oil bandwagon then you need to hop on. It’s an amazing hair mask; face moisturizer and soothe's dry skin. Waterproof Mascara– Won’t budge or smudge poolside and is perfect for complimenting a natural makeup look or pumping up the volume for a night out! Sunglasses – Grab a great pair to compliment your face shape, style aesthetic, and adds protection from the sun. Medicine – Trust me if you don’t need it, a friend will thankful you packed some. It’ll certainly cure a variety of aliments. Aloe Vera Gel – Not only is this a fantastic skin hydrator, but it’ll sooth irritated or sun burned skin. Sea Salt Spray – Perfect for getting the beach tasseled waves courtesy of those red carpet hairstyles that we all try to emulate. Enjoy Spring Breakers!