Back-to-School Checklist: The Essentials for Grade School to College


When summer is in full swing, it may feel like there is a ton of time before back-to-school rolls around, but before you know it, it is the end of August. Yikes! Stores will be flooded with shoppers looking for the best back-to-school deals of 2017. Navigating the crowd can be overwhelming, which makes it is easy to forget items you need if you don't have a solid back-to-school checklist to reference.  


Skip the hassle of racking your brain to remember what supplies you need, and leave the back-to-school check list to us. Here are three comprehensive checklists  to ensure your first day goes off without a hitch!


Grade School Checklist

 Rolling Backpack

Lunch Box





 Pocket Folders

 Looseleaf Paper

Art Smock





Pen Case



Colored Pencils

 Construction Paper Drawing Paper  Index Cards          

High School Checklist

Lunch Gym Clothes and Gym Locker Locker Shelves Notebooks Folders Binders Binder Dividers Loose Leaf Paper Graph Paper  Rolling Backpack or Tote Pens Pencils Highlighters Ruler Wite-Out Calculator Water Bottle Scissors Planner          

College Checklist

Alarm Clock Bed Linens  Pillows Clothing Medications  Pictures of friends and family Posters/Decorations for your walls Backpack or laptop tote with padded straps  Snacks and drinks for refueling on- the-go Shower Caddy  Shower Shoes Space Efficient Storage Laundry Basket First Aid Kit Umbrella Sun Screen Computer  Chargers  Graphing Calculator   Printer  Desk Lamp/additional lighting  Stapler  Tape   P.S. Don't throw out this list once you're shopping is done. The day before school starts, and you are packing your lunch, filling up your backpack with supplies and picking out your outfit, you can reference this list one last time before you start the new year #LifeHack