Five Awesome Things You Can Do With An Avocado

iStock_000043460906_SmallThese days, avocados seem to be taking over social media, restaurants, and even salons! Jump on board with this trend with these fun ways to get more ‘cado in your life!

Avocado toast:

Duh. The trendiest of all toasts, avo toast can be made in a flash, tastes great, and is so healthy for you!

What you need:

Two slices of sourdough bread

One ripe Hass avocado

Half a lemon

A teaspoon of olive oil

Red pepper flakes to taste



1 squirt of siracha 
  1. Pop the bread into the toaster
  2. Cut the avo in half, peel the skin off. Cut half of the avocado into slices and put aside, smoosh the other half in a bowl. Squeeze the lemon, put in the olive oil, and crank some salt and pepper in your mixture.
  3. When the toast is ready, spread the smooshed avo on both toasts, and place the sliced avo on top. Sprinkle the toast with red pepper flakes and sriracha to taste.
  4. Instagram away!
  Avocado skin exfoliator: Sometimes even the smoothest skin can get dry, especially during the summer! If you’re looking to moisturize your skin after a weekend at the beach, whip up this easy scrub! What you need: ½ an avo 1 tsp. honey 1 table olive oil 1 tbl granulated brown sugar Mix up all ingredients in a bowl until smooth. Rub on dry areas and feel your skin revitalize as you wash it off in the shower!   Healthy tuna or chicken salad Here’s a quick fix: substitute mayo with an avocado! When making tuna fish, people often use globs of mayo to get the perfect creamy texture, which can really rack up the bad fats. Instead, try smashing a ripe avocado into your salad. You can get the same texture, but with a little extra flavor, and a whole lot healthier!   Quick healthy avocado spring rolls: Got leftover protein from last night’s dinner? These spring rolls work with chicken, beef, tofu and shrimp! What you need: 4 spring roll skins 1 ripe, fresh Hass Avocado, sliced lengthwise Chicken, beef etc. 1 cup romaine lettuce, shredded 1/2 cup shredded carrots 1/2-cup teriyaki sauce ¼ cup peanuts Half a package of vermicelli noodles Instructions: Pit, peel and slice the avocado. Soften spring roll skin in cold water for 5 seconds then place flat on cutting board. Place avocado slices, chicken breast slices, lettuce, carrots, noodles and peanuts in the center of each skin. Gently fold over one side of the spring roll skin, fold in the edges and gently roll to the other end of the spring roll skin as though you are wrapping a burrito.   Avocado hair mask: Olive oil Avocado Honey Rub into hair, sit for 30 min wash off with cool water   Brought to you by TIZ Contributor Allison. :)