Office Poll : Fall In One Word

Fall, the season, from "faellen' in Old English.; meaning "the fall of the leaf.

For many at Kipling and surely many of you, the different meanings for this season could fill a book, perhaps - we'll call it "Fifty Shades of Autumn Leaves."  After all, Fall, for many, is a time for "falling in love." It is the beginning of fireplace and snuggling season, and personally, the decline in my hard earned tan. It's never easy going from three blissful months of breezy, flowing dresses and sun soaked leisurely days to a season known best for preparing us for constricting pants and puffy coats, comically leaving us resembling family members of the Michelin Man.

For most of us, when the leaves begin to change so must you be prepared to do the same...  ), so in this spirit of change I aim to focus on the positive. Fall reminds me of yummy pumpkin spice and everything it makes better; lattes, muffins donuts, cronuts, cocktails, Pringles, Pop Tarts, or anything else touched by the spice of that majestic round orange squash.  Though often humorously slandered on the interweb for being the “basic” and “predictable” flavor equivalent to chick flicks, pumpkin-spice is my holy grail of Fall if summed up in with a positive sentiment.

I do realize my definition of Fall is just that, mine, so I set out to distract my cold weather malaise by taking an office poll. What's more fun than polling co-workers with a random questions while they are trying to get work done .  Turns out there are some serious pumpkin spice haters in my office too. Tempted to convey my disappointment to these individuals, I instead chose the higher mindedness....

While collecting everyone’s answers did temporarily distract me from the impending seasonal change, the greatest takeaway came from what happened after.  People began to compare and contrast answers over cubicles and at the water cooler. How spectacular it was for me, eavesdropping behind my cubicle partition.  Eventually work resumed and though the sound chatter faded there was a sort of lightness infused throughout the entire office that remained. Though unplanned, a little fun and light hearted pumpkin spice chatter just felt good for the soul.

Maybe Fall isn’t so bad after all...

10.2.15 – Kipling USA Corporate  - Official Employee Poll

“What does Fall mean to you in ONE word??”

Jenna – orange

Kelly – cold

Sarah – Red

Greg – football

Kellyn – misery

Olivia – routine

Bobby – donuts

Talley – pumpkin

Colin – apples

Evan – fire

Andy – pie

Nina – tranquil

Jeff – candy

Amanda – marathons

Matt – halloween

Talia – sweater-weather

Julie – caramel

Hal – pot-roast