Tips for College Freshman: 5 Tips to Help You Succeed

So, you're going college. Woo hoo! We are so proud of you! You have an exciting four years ahead.

Not to be the bearer of bad news but getting into college is just half the battle. College will certainly be the best time of your life, but you are going to have to do some work.

I know, what a bummer. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you start thinking about what college life has in store for you-- making friends, adjusting to life without mom and dad, peer pressure, grades. It is a scary and exciting time. But hey!, you got into college so you can do anything! Here are a couple of key tips and tricks for college freshman that will help you not just survive college but succeed!     

1. Get involved

Join organizations is an amazing way to meet people with similar interests. Join an intramural team, sorority, or consider a language club. With a little reasearch you will find that there are so many ways to get involved and meet people. Making friends in college is easy as long as you put effort into it. Remember, everyone is feeling the same was as you are about being in a new place.  

2. Develop a good work/life balance

The key to achieving a good work/life balance is scheduling your time wisely. If you schedule at least two hours a day to study and work on assignments, you won't have to miss out on weekend events or end up missing an activity Practicing good balancing skills will prepare you for the real world that come after college. If you need somewhere to start, limit going out days to Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and try to hit your study spot during the remaining days.  

3. Take time for your health

I know it may be unrealistic to expect you to hit the gym 7 days a week and eat healthy all the time, but being conscious of the healthy decisions you make will benefit you in the long run. Make an effort to eat healthy, try to get 6+ hours of sleep a night, and wash your hands. Seriously. Don't forget to wash your hands. Dorms become a breeding ground for sickness the first few months of school. Cough cough.    

4. Establish a good relationship with professors

I know this may be hard to swallow, but just because you were a great high school student doesn't mean college will be a breeze. Communicating with professors about your struggles or continuing a conversation beyond class hours is a great way to earn extra credit or get an extension on a paper. Building these types of relationships may can allow you to get perks you may not otherwise get. Make yourself known! And please, please, please don't take advantage of your professors.    5. Know when to ask for help. There are a lot of people who have the resources and knowledge to help people in your exact situation! Whether it’s careers, academics, mental health or something else, sharing the burden and receiving help can be a life-saver. Following these steps will be instrumental in helping make the transition to college life a little bit smoother. College is a time to grow, explore and learn as much as possible. Don’t sell yourself short, take some risks and make some mistakes.