Monogramming is...

An embroidered statement. Pretty personalization. A cute phrase that sends positive vibes. A clever quip that turns heads. A word or two as a happy reminder. Let your imagination loose, there's no wrong way to do it! Read on for info (and plenty of inspiration!)

See how it works Monogram FAQ

The traditional monogram might be a name or a few initials. We can fit nine letters on our items, and each letter will be the same size.

Let's use our favorite monkey,
Sven, as an example.
Sven M. Kipling
Spell out a first name:
Feature a last name:
Do traditional initials:


Interested in a twist on traditional monogramming? We can do that! Get as creative as you want, but stick to nine characters (including spaces).

Try a fun phrase:
Say something cute:
Or something to inspire:


Make a present extra special by customizing it.


Never wonder which luggage is yours again.


Keep things in place with custom-labeled accessories.


Backpacks and lunch boxes pop with cool lettering.

  • What can I monogram, exactly?
    We'll embroider the initials, name or phrase of your choice onto eligible handbags, suitcases and accessories. Click here to see the full assortment of items that can be monogrammed. Or just keep an eye out for this symbol:

  • How many letters or numbers can I use for my monogram?
    We can accommodate up to nine characters, including spaces. Click the “Monogram It” button on any eligible product page to do a test run!

  • Which fonts and colors can I use?
    We have more than a dozen colors to choose from and three fonts—Diane Script, Arial Bold and Bookman Old Style.

  • How long will my order take?
    Please give us some additional time (about three business days) to work on your monogram. We want to make sure the stitching looks perfect and the extra time helps us get it just right.

  • Ok, how much will it cost?
    Custom monograms are only $8!

  • Can I cancel my monogram order?
    We're sorry. Because it was made just for you, we can't cancel or accept returns on monogrammed items (unless there's a manufacturer's defect).