Kipling is committed to providing our customers with great products at great prices wherever they may shop. Some terrific deals can be found at our Outlet stores, which are located around the United States. At those outlets, we are making sure that we provide our customers with information so they can understand how we price items, including items that may be exclusive to our outlet stores. For many ticketed items, we have included a “Valued at” price reference that we think can be helpful for consumers to evaluate the value that they are getting when they purchase Kipling® products.

So, here’s our explanation for “Valued at” pricing: We make great product – whether it’s made for our specialty retail stores or our outlets. To come up with our “Valued at” price, we compare a similar product from our full-price store with its outlet equivalent. If there are differences between the products, we will adjust the specialty retail price of the item to take into account differences in the features, benefits and materials between the specialty and outlet products. This adjusted price becomes the “Valued at” price. We then work to provide customers with a discounted sales price that provides them with the value they have come to know and love from our outlet products, whether it is our everyday value price or a special sales promotion. If you have any questions about our “Valued at" pricing, please ask one of our knowledgeable outlet store associates.