Everything you need to know about school bags

How often you replace your school bag will depend on a number of factors ranging from the material used to manufacture your bag and its style, to the general wear and tear your bag will undergo. Some school bags might need to be replaced every year, whereas others might last you a good three to four years.

Deciding when to replace a school bag comes down to priorities and personal preference; some people put style over practicality and like to start the school year with a brand new bag, but others prefer to think about longevity and will, therefore, use their school bag until it is absolutely necessary that it’s replaced.

Personal preferences aside, with the heavy usage experienced by school bags on a daily basis, durability is a must. This is one factor that should not be compromised when shopping for a school bag as it will inevitably have an impact on how often a bag is replaced. In this article, we’ll look at some of the different school bags that might be used at the different stages of your educational journey.

What kind of backpacks do middle schoolers use?

Backpacks are a great choice for middle schoolers as this type of bag is typically capable of withstanding everything that middle school can throw at it, from being durable enough to carry large and heavy books to being large enough to fill with a host of other learning accessories.

When shopping for a backpack for middle school, the key criteria to look out for are durability, versatility and style. Students depend on textbooks and new technology at this stage of education, making backpacks heavy and often uncomfortable to carry to class and home. Opting for a backpack with plenty of room, multiple compartments and adjustable straps, like the Kipling Class Room, is a great way to maximize comfort – its straps and laptop compartment are padded - and ensure everything is kept secure.

With style also on the agenda for middle school, colorful designs and character backpacks are a popular choice but can often result in bags needing to be replaced more often due to changing tastes and style. Our bestselling Seoul Large Printed 15” Laptop Backpack is a stylish option for both boys and girls, with several colorful patterns to choose from. Style and practicality combine with padded shoulder straps, laptop protection, a roomy interior together with a durable exterior which also features water bottle pockets all in a beautiful and vibrant design.

What type of bag is best for high school?

As with many stages of education, backpacks are a popular and sensible choice for high school as students continue to carry multiple learning accessories to and from school every day. However, style often plays more of a key factor when shopping for a high school bag than practicality.

Choosing a bag for high school is an important decision; it marks a new beginning and gives students another way to express their personality and make a statement. With this in mind, high school students will often replace their school bag each academic year, depending on what’s fashionable and what their style is - which can change dramatically from freshman to senior year!

As well as backpacks, tote or handbag style bags can also be a stylish choice for high school, providing they’re durable and large enough to carry all the essentials. The Kipling Art Medium Tote makes a good choice for all students thanks to its versatility, smart-casual vibe and adjustable straps which mean it can also be carried as a crossbody bag. The Dany Convertible Tote is a more feminine version of a tote style bag which can also be worn on your back.

What backpacks are good for college?

Backpacks are the best choice for college and a good backpack for this stage of education will include a number of essential features, including size, durability, storage and security. Comfort is also a key consideration, with students often carrying heavy books and laptops around all day.

The best backpacks for college are large and made from a durable material such as canvas or polyester, with waterproof material also a good option for those rainy days. In addition, college backpacks should be well equipped to handle electronic devices with care as more and more students turn to technology over traditional learning materials.

The Kipling Troy backpack is a good option as it’s large enough to easily store everything you need, with plenty of internal organization and a padded laptop compartment for extra protection and security. It also includes adjustable padded straps and a top carry handle for maximum comfort.

What are the best backpacks for university?

Backpacks are an essential staple when it comes to university. The best backpacks for university should be durable enough to carry your belongings and learning materials around all day, whilst ensuring you remain comfortable and can access everything you need to with ease.

When packing for university, a backpack should definitely be on the list and practicality is a key factor. A good university backpack will be large and strong enough to securely house all the tools and technology you need for learning. The Kipling Osho is a great choice, especially with its organizational compartments and zipped pockets.

On days when practical considerations can give way a little to fun and style, take a look at the gorgeous Felix large handbag for women. Carry it by its handle, over the shoulder or crossbody, you’ll want to take it everywhere with more than enough room for essentials. Or the Hisa Crossbody Bag is the perfect grab and go bag. The contrast stitching on a square, streamlined shape makes it equally stylish and practical.

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