Our Top Picks: Luggage Buying Guide

When it comes to travel for business or leisure, you need luggage that’s built to go the distance. Whether you’re hauling a few rolling suitcases for a year abroad or like to travel light with just a carry-on, pick the right luggage that can help you easily tote all of your essentials.

As you browse luggage, go for one that offers multiple storage options and fits your needs. For instance, if you tend to carry heavy equipment or books, a rolling bag with a handle might be better than a backpack that’ll add extra weight while you’re on the move.

Planning your next trip or booking your next layover isn’t always easy, but finding the right luggage can be. As one of the most reliable luggage brands worldwide, we join the ranks of Arlo Skye, Briggs Riley, and American Tourister in getting you where you need to go with ease. Our dedicated team around the world remains committed to creating luggage of various styles that are both lightweight and long-lasting.

Plenty of compartments, a durable design, and other functional features such as pockets are key to keeping you organized. Plus, don’t be afraid to buy luggage in a bright color or pattern. From softshell to scratch-resistant hardshell pieces, rest assured that you will find the right fit for you with Kipling.

What is the best carry-on suitcase?

The best carry-on suitcase is reliable, high quality, and durable. Whether you need something for the long haul or the short-haul, carefully select luggage that balances your taste and style with functionality, including storage, pockets, and grab-and-go handles.

For those who remain undecided on what carry-on suitcase will suit their needs, we have done some research on the best carry-ons out there.

Here are the top five carry-on luggage options on the modern market:

1. Best Overall: The Darcey Small Carry On Rolling Luggage is an airline carry-on approved essential. A wheeled suitcase adorned in our signature, durable crinkle nylon material, this soft shell luggage is short in size but lacks nothing in terms of storage. Outfitted with not two but four 360-degree spinners, this luggage is sought-after because it’s both lightweight and durable.

This gear even allows you to wheel it through the train station or the airport with ease. Offering supreme agility, the wheels will never get stuck, and a soft structure exterior will easily fit in the overhead bin.

2. Best Hardshell Luggage: If hardshell luggage is more your preference, then the Curiosity Small 4 Wheeled Rolling Luggage is a must for you. A sturdy polycarbonate shell equipped with an integrated TSA-approved lock will guarantee your essentials are safe and secure throughout your journey. Plus, three internal zip compartments and a self retractable handle make packing a breeze.

3. Best Carry-On Backpack: A backpack is another solid option for any traveler, especially for backpackers. Look for a bag with multiple pockets on both the interior and exterior to ensure you can carry everything you need with you (and some of the things you don’t). For comfort, padded backpack straps ensure that any excess weight will sit comfortably on your back from boarding call to baggage claim.

4. Best Printed Hard Shell Carry-On: When it comes to making packing more fun, a bit of pattern definitely goes a long way. However, it’s important to consider other features. Recessed spinner wheels and a telescoping handle make rushing to catch your flight a breeze, while a hard shell exterior makes it easy to pack your own compression system, thanks to plenty of packing space.

5. Best Small Soft Luggage: When packing for a quick getaway, a soft rolling bag is ideal. Our designs feature a roomy main zip compartment and two internal packing straps, making them an ideal option for packing a few outfits for a weekend away with friends. Plus, the front-zip compartment is convenient to store your USB port, chargers, and other grab-quick items.

6. Best Medium-Sized Luggage: A soft-shell exterior provides optimal flexibility to fit oblong or irregular-sized items. We advise a bag with convenient rolling wheels and a retractable handle so maneuvering through airports and stations is a breeze. Another key feature to look out for? An easy-access, front-zip pocket to ensure your passport, phone, keys, and boarding pass are always close at hand.

What is the best rolling suitcase?

Few things are more convenient and functional than a rolling suitcase. The ideal rolling luggage glides smoothly, has smart organization on the interior and exterior, and also features a TSA-approved lock to keep your items secure.

When evaluating which rolling suitcase is best for you, the first element to consider is the construction of the luggage itself. In most cases, rolling suitcases are available in either softshell or hardshell form. If you tend to stuff all of your essentials in a single bag, then the versatility of a softshell rolling suitcase might be preferable.

If you are wondering what the best travel suitcase is for your needs, more often than not, a rolling suitcase will be the right move.

Here are the top 5 best rolling suitcases to get you where you need to go:

· Best 2-In-One Rolling Suitcase: If you tend to always pull double duty, then a convertible luggage/ backpack hybrid is ideal. Look for a piece with a removable backpack that zips right off of the wheels so you can just get going the moment you arrive at your accommodations.

· Best Rolling Duffle Bag: In many cases, duffels just do it better. Features to look out for include a retractable handle for easy wheeling, and dual side carry handles, which make it simple for you to sling the bag over your shoulder when carrying lighter loads.

· Best Large Soft Shell Rolling Luggage: The Spontaneous Large Rolling Luggage is the ideal option for a long getaway. Able to hold up to 10lbs without issue, simply buckle the outer packing straps to secure your belongings.

· Best Large Luggage For Longer Trips: Look for a lightweight design that is reliably easy to maneuver.

· Best Large Hard Shell Rolling Luggage: The Curiosity Large Rolling Luggage is the key to traveling worry-free. It features an easy-to-clean lining and convenient mesh pockets.

What is the best travel suitcase?

The best travel suitcase is durable, easy to carry, and has plenty of smart storage options available. Before you board your next flight, be sure to invest in luggage that’s fashionable, functional, and always ready for whatever life has in store.

Invest in luggage that has multiple internal zip compartments and internal packing straps to keep you organized while you’re away. If rolling luggage is your style, then a rubber carry handle and integrated TSA accepted luggage lock is key to making sure your stuff stays secure all day, every day.

Plus, a spot clean lining is a major plus. We all know that traveling can get a bit messy, which is why we design all of our luggage with a durable lining that’s easy to clean (and even easier to love).

Whether you prefer soft shell luggage or hard shell alternatives, always compare styles before you ‘add to cart.’ The only way you can guarantee you find the best is by comparing what’s out there, right?

Finding the right luggage for you isn’t always easy. That’s why we put together a custom luggage travel guide to help get you where you need to go. If you need help finding the right luggage, start the quiz today and find the right fit for you.

Are hard case or soft case suitcases better?

Both hard case and soft case suitcases have a range of benefits, but soft shell luggage is more flexible if you have a lot to carry. If you tend to pack irregularly shaped items or don’t have too much to tote with you, then a hard shell is ideal.

It may come as no surprise that a soft shell rolling suitcase is usually much more flexible due to a moveable exterior. Plus, exterior zip pockets are commonplace with soft shell models, which allow you to expand the original dimensions of the luggage thanks to added pockets.

For travelers who tend to carry less or prefer a bit more structure, then a hard shell rolling suitcase is the way to go. Hardshell suitcases offer structure and encourage travelers to pack light. Another key benefit of a polyethylene exterior is that you never have to worry about your carry-on not fitting in the overhead compartment.

Provided your luggage adheres to specific airline requirements, the structured design guarantees you’ll be able to fit your stuff below the seat in front of you or above you as needed.

Before you board your next flight, shop the Kipling Luggage collection today to find the right fit for your next adventure (we’ll be right there with you).