A complete guide to baby/changing/diaper bags

From pacifiers to plenty of wipes, you need a baby bag that can handle the unexpected. Whether you’re hauling diapers to daycare or bottles to the beach, pick a bag that can carry all of your essentials with ease. Parenting isn’t easy, but finding the perfect diaper bag can be.

When it comes to bags on the market, go for one that has multiple storage options. Keep an eye out for key features like interior pockets, water-resistant material, and padded shoulder straps. Plenty of compartments is key to staying organized while on the move.

Do you really need a changing bag?

Yes, you need a changing bag to carry all of your essentials. A diaper bag is a durable, high-quality bag that is easy to carry with plenty of side pockets. While a standard bag may also work for you, a changing bag is specifically engineered with compartments for organization.

From cloth diapers to baby food, the list of things a parent needs to take with them everywhere is endless. Carry it all with ease and in style. An insulated bottle pocket is ideal for feeding while on the move, and a changing pad is a must-have when you’re in a pinch. Simply snap it securely to your stroller for a hands-free solve to toting your baby’s essentials.

What is the best diaper bag?

Are you looking for the best diaper bag? Pick a bag that can help you through anything parenting throws your way. A changing bag with zippered pockets provides storage space for all sorts of baby must-haves. Plus, lightweight construction and water-resistant coating will ensure you’re ready for anything.

Here are the best diaper bags for parents:

  • Best Diaper Backpack: If a backpack is more your thing you can’t go wrong with the Zax Backpack Diaper Bag for parenting on the go. This functional pick is packed with signature Kipling features like water-resistant materials and adjustable stroller straps.
  • Best Diaper Bag For Organization: This Metallic Alanna Printed Diaper Bag is a stand out style that’s packed with personality-and pocket, of course.
  • Best Budget Diaper Bag: The Alanna Diaper Bag is a total fan favorite that won’t break the bank. It’s durable, lightweight, and stylish for the win.
  • Best Diaper Bag with Changing Pad: Are you looking to add a bit of color to your daily routine? The Alanna Printed Diaper Bag is as fun as it is functional with plenty of pockets and a portable changing pad.
  • Best Classic Diaper Bag: The Miri Diaper Bag is simplicity at its best. A sleek design and durable construction can take you from daycare to date night in style.
  • Best Diaper Bag For Travel: Try the Camama Diaper Bag when you’re out and about with your little one. Equipped with a changing pad and removable bottle holder, this diaper bag can double as a hospital bag when your baby arrives.
  • Best Compact Diaper Bag: This Charcoal Camama Diaper Bag is compact and designed with plenty of room for diapers, bottles, toys, and more.
  • Best Diaper Bag for Sports: If you’re jogging with the stroller in hand, the Maisie Diaper Backpack is a must-have for active parents insulated pockets and storage.

What makes a good changing bag?

Changing bags come in various shapes and sizes, but keep an eye out for a few key features like front and side pockets, a changing pad, and convenient stroller clips. From a messenger bag to backpack diaper storage, toting around your baby’s essentials just got way easier.

From diapers to baby bottles, the list of things a parent needs to take with them everywhere is endless. However, with the right functional extras, you can carry anything and everything you need in style. Front pockets are a must to easily grab your essentials.

Plus, side pockets are a simple solution to storing bottles, pacifiers, and more with ease. A waterproof interior is vital when life gets a little messy, and the detachable changing pad is perfect when you’re in a parenting pinch.

Try the Alanna Diaper Bag for a classic look with plenty of pockets and stroller clips that snap securely into your buggy. If prints are more your thing, the Alanna Printed Diaper Bag will add some fun (and function) to your day out with the kids. While some of these features are standard for all diaper bags, sometimes you need a little boost.

Whether you’re exploring the city or chatting with family, many of our styles have additional infant-minded extras for moms and dads on the move. The Maisie Metallic Diaper Backpack has a removable pouch to dispose of dirty diapers while on the road. Plus, a portable pacifier pouch means you’ll always have a second one on hand when you need it.

Go for a removable crossbody strap and dual carry handles when you need to just grab and go. If a diaper backpack is more your thing, adjustable backpack straps are a must to improve weight distribution and comfort.

What is the best diaper bag backpack?

The best diaper bag backpack is packed with functional features so that you can tote everything you need with ease. Enjoy infant-minded extras that you (and your baby) will love like a removable changing pad and side bottle pockets when you’re out and about with your little one.

Here are the best diaper bag backpacks:

  • Best Overall: The Zax Backpack Diaper Bag is a best-seller that’s packed with signature Kipling features you’ll love. Functional, fun, and super lightweight for the win.
  • Best Budget: The Maisie Diaper Backpack is the best option for parents on a budget, with plenty of space for diapers, wipes, and your cell phone (of course).
  • Best Convertible: The Alanna Diaper Bag is totally flexible with a removable cross-body strap. Shop the do-it-all diaper bag-so that you can just do it all.
  • Best For Travel: Take your family trip to the next level with our Maisie Metallic Diaper Backpack. An eye-catching metallic finish is always a bright idea in our book.
  • Best Lightweight: The Maisie Metallic Diaper Backpack is so good, it made the list twice. This nylon backpack diaper bag is built to keep things light, comfy, and seriously stylish.

When you’re heading out for the day, a versatile changing bag is recommended for any new parent. Padded straps, a front pocket, and waterproof interior provides easy access to pacifiers, wipes, and everything in between.

Parenting isn’t easy, but creating a one-of-a-kind diaper bag can be. Plus, make it personal by adding your name, initials, or a phrase you love. The best part? Some styles have multiple monogram placements so you can pack your bag with personality.

From front pockets to pacifier pouches, explore our curated Diaper Bag Guide today to find the perfect bag for you. First, shop Kipling for everything you need for a lifetime of adventures with your little one. Then, make some memories!