What is the best school bag?

The best school bag looks different for every individual. Whether you want a bag that reflects your personality and style, or one that can hold just about everything, it's important to make sure it works for you as you'll be wearing it all school year.

Considering your average day will help you to decide what you need from your new school bag and what features might help you conquer every day with minimal effort. If you value comfort over everything, bags with adjustable, padded straps are a must-have. Alternatively, if you like to be prepared for every occasion, features like laptop sleeves and organizational storage will make life much easier in the long run.

Once you know what features fit your needs, you can take a closer look at the styles of bags that suit your lifestyle. From a stylish tote bag to a convenient rolling backpack, you will soon find the best back-to-school bag for you.

What is the most popular school bag?

The classic backpack has been the go-to fan favorite for many years. With multiple compartments for storage and secure zippered pockets, they are a durable, multi-purpose option for all ages. Why not try out our Backpack Finder to discover which is best for you?

The Seoul Extra Large 17" Laptop Backpack is a great option for the on-the-go college student. Including a 17" laptop sleeve, water bottle pocket and a front zip pocket with organizational storage, you'll have everything you need for a long day of studying. Not to forget, for the style-conscious students, our Seoul variety offers many colors and designs, meaning not only are these bags roomy, but they are also stylish too!

However, if you prefer something smaller, another popular choice is Kipling's Goyo Mini Backpack Tote for those that pack light but need a little extra storage. Deceptively large on the inside, this bag can hold a 13" laptop while still looking trendy. Wear it as a backpack or tote bag to suit your mood and choose from a variety of neutral colors for a bag that will match any outfit.

Are rolling backpacks better for school?

One of the drawbacks of a standard backpack is the long-term effects that can be caused by over-filling and not wearing it correctly. However, with a rolling backpack, you can glide smoothly through the hallways. Kipling's Gaze Rolling Backpack is a great option for a school bag as it allows you to minimize muscle aches and pains, improve your posture and maximize your mobility throughout the day without making you compromise what to pack. The well-designed bag is versatile, as it can be carried via tuck away backpack straps, a top carry handle, or a retractable handle, and fits perfectly into your locker for easy storage. 

Another great perk of rolling backpacks is that it doubles as a suitcase. So, instead of trying to find space in a small dorm room for a separate travel bag, college students can load their belongings into their backpack and head off. To top things off, this style of bag is also the perfect size to fit in your school locker or in an overhead compartment on a plane as carry-on luggage.

Are messenger bags and tote bags good for school?

Definitely! Shoulder bags offer a convenient alternative to the backpack that are often forgotten about when it comes to school bags. However, there are a few good reasons not to rule them out too quickly! 

Have you ever tried finding something quickly in a backpack while walking? It's a wrestling match students just don't have time for. Shoulder bags - such as messenger and tote bags - offer a solution to this. With their multiple compartments to help you stay organized and have easy access without taking them off, you'll be able to find anything without stopping.

The Cooper Shoulder Bag is a great option as it is lightweight and has a thick strap, meaning you'll be more comfortable for longer. Don't worry though, Cooper Shoulder Bag isn't just comfortable, it's also practical - with plenty of pockets for storage and enough space to fit a 13" laptop,  you'll still be ready to tackle the day.

Kipling's Asseni Tote Bag is another great option if shoulder bags feel like the right fit for you. With a comfortable 20L capacity, this tote is spacious and on-trend. No matter your outfit, this bag will keep up - dress up or down, Asseni will do the trick!

Are shoulder bags bad for you?

Extra weight on your back and shoulders for long periods of time is likely to cause strain on areas such as your neck, back, shoulders and spine. However, no bag is bad for you if filled and worn appropriately. Be aware of what items you need for the day and leave any unnecessary weight behind. Try making a habit of emptying your bag at the end of the week and ask yourself "What did I use and what could I have left behind?". Over time, you'll find yourself only packing the school supplies you frequently use and leaving the rest behind.

When wearing a shoulder bag, there are some things you can do to reduce the chance of muscle strain such as keeping the bag close to you at all times by tightening the shoulder strap and wearing the bag across your body. Doing these things will distribute the weight of your bag evenly.