Will a messenger bag hurt my back?

From heavy books to extra gear, a messenger bag is a great everyday option. However, it can also cause back pain if you carry too much weight. It’s no secret that additional weight isn’t always a good idea.

You can embrace the messenger bag trend by limiting how much you bring with you and optimizing weight distribution before you head out the door.

When it comes to messenger bags, go for one with multiple storage options and a thick strap for additional support all day, every day. As you head to campus, opt for a bag with a lightweight construction that will go easy on your shoulders and avoid neck pain.

Top tip: invest in a tablet to store all of your textbooks and cut back on additional weight as you head to the stacks. Plenty of pockets and a simple design is critical when you’re on the move.

What is a messenger style bag?

A messenger bag, also known as a courier bag, is typically worn over the shoulder with a cross body strap across your front. It rests on the side of your body on your lower back. Made famous by bike couriers and mail carriers, make a style statement with a messenger bag made for modern life.

Go for gear made from nylon to guarantee durability on your next adventure, or opt for a canvas messenger bag for ultimate resilience. Invest in a water-resistant exterior to protect your essentials. Whether you commute to campus or head home for the weekend, side or front pockets provide easy access to your keys and wallet.

Many of our messenger and crossbody bags are packed full of features designed to carry you through the school year with ease. Look for bags with large slip pockets and interior dividers to keep your belongings organized at all times. As you work through your to-do list, a front zip pocket is a hands-free way to store your essentials. We’ve also got you covered when it comes to staying hydrated, with several designs including a side pocket to store water bottles or a thermos.

Are messenger bags bad for your back?

Just like any bag that is overloaded with excess weight, messenger bags can be a factor in causing a bad back. It’s no secret that toting a bunch of heavy gear over a long period of time can contribute to neck and shoulder pain, as well as unnecessary pain to your back. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a messenger bag, you just need to consider what you put in it.

If you’re eyeing a courier bag for your next trip to campus, don’t sweat it. If you limit the weight on your back and wear the gear well, you should have no problems!

Avoid carrying a heavy textbook (or three) by consolidating your schoolwork online. Laptop sleeves or a separate laptop bag are ideal for toting your newfound technology to campus. The less you haul with you, the lighter your bag will be on your body.

How can you rock the messenger bag look with ease? We’ve done the research for you. Keep in mind you should carry no more than 10% of your body weight to safely tote your stuff in style. You should always adjust the shoulder straps on your bag to distribute weight as evenly as possible. The key here is to keep the weight close to your body.

From throwback ‘90s favorites to modern metallic gear, shop Kipling today to find the perfect messenger bag for you. Explore our collection of lightweight and long-lasting styles made for any adventure. Tackle it all with a reliable shoulder bag by your side!