What is the best suitcase for travel?

The best suitcase for travel is personal to you and your needs, but no matter what, there are some things that shouldn’t be negotiable:

  • Lightweight - With a 50 lb limit on your checked luggage, it’s important to look for a lightweight suitcase to allow maximum packing opportunities. Even if you decide not to take advantage of the weight restriction, a lightweight bag will be more forgiving and cause you less strain after a long journey. It also allows you to bring more souvenirs back from your trip.
  • Durable - Your suitcase will go through a lot between you dropping it off at the check-in desk and your reunion at the baggage claim so, it’s important you invest in a suitcase that will last. Kipling puts their suitcases through several tests such as a drop and hardware test to ensure your bag will last a lifetime.
  • Easy to move - When racing around the airport, you want a suitcase that is swift. Wrestling with your suitcase is the last thing you need when you’re in a rush, so consider wheels with 360 rotation for easier mobility and one less thing to stress over.
  • Safety features - Jet Charter company, Stratos, found “…reports claiming that more than 200 items are stolen from passengers’ checked luggage every day” at JFK airport. Investing in a TSA lock and a bag with zippers can help prevent accidental loss of items and theft and when flying for business purposes, it’s likely you’ll be carrying many items you can’t afford to lose.
  • Spacious - A spacious suitcase can be a solution to many of your worries. From better organization opportunities to packing all of the essentials and more, extra packing space or handy compartments should be a priority for your suitcase.

If you’re looking for a bag that checks all of these boxes, the Spontaneous Large Rolling Luggage might be the one for you. At 58 inches with a 101L capacity, this suitcase can hold enough for a long 2-4 week vacation. Despite its size and volume, this suitcase weighs in at less than 10 lbs and if that doesn’t give you enough room to fill, its nylon outer fabric provides enough stretch for you to squeeze those last pairs of shoes in. Equipped with a TSA-accepted luggage lock and external zip compartments, your belongings will be safer after you drop them off at the check-in desk.

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Best suitcase for business travel

Kipling’s Curiosity suitcase is perfect for traveling, made from lightweight polycarbonate, the Small 4 Wheeled Rolling Luggage suitcase weighs less than 7 lbs and can even be used as a carry-on. With a capacity of 44L, you will have more than enough space for everything you need.

All cases in the Curiosity family have four, 360 recessed wheels for easy mobility, as well as an integrated TSA-accepted luggage lock to ensure all of your technology is safe and secure while getting to your destination.

If you’re good at packing light or your business trip will be short and sweet, the Darcey Small Carry-On Rolling Luggage is another great option. Weighing less than 6 lbs, this nylon bag is lightweight while boasting a 37L volume to store a few outfits and a pair of shoes comfortably. The stretchy fabric will allow a bit more packing space if you need it, with a front zip pocket for more storage too.

Top packing tips for business trips

Once you’ve chosen your perfect suitcase for your business trip, it’s important to make the most out of your space. With the pressure of meetings, presentations and impressing your higher-ups, it’s important that you pack all of the essential gear, without wasting space in your suitcase for your personal items.

Consider these tips to pack as efficiently as possible:

  • Pack your clothes wisely. Bring items of clothes you can mix and match to save space, such as a separate skirt and top rather than a dress, or a neutral suit with different colored shirts and ties. This will allow you to style a new look without the piles of laundry.
  • Choose versatile shoes. Picking out your statement footwear might make you stand out in a meeting, but you’ll soon find you’re limited with what to wear them with. Choose two pairs of shoes that can work with any outfit and store them in your suitcase's internal pockets to keep them safe. Alternatively, you can use your carry-on luggage to take the extra weight, rather than using up space.
  • Organization. Packing cubes are a great way to organize your belongings and save space in your suitcase. We would suggest using these for items you wouldn’t mind getting slightly creased, rather than your best shirt or linens though.

What size can I take on a plane?

Most airlines have similar guidelines for maximum weight and luggage size. For example, American Airlines follow the standard maximum weight and height of 50 lbs and 62 inches respectively. Exceeding this can result in fines of up to $200, so you must do your research and get the right measurements and weights for your airline. However, they will only accept overweight checked bags up to 126” in size or bags over 100 lbs.

Airlines vary in their restrictions, so make sure you do your research before leaving for your trip. You can check your airline's regulations easily at Travel U.S News.

Are 29-inch suitcases allowed on planes?

Keeping in mind the 62 linear inches cap on bag size, 29 inches is likely to be the maximum height for your suitcase before it exceeds the limit. However, Clever Journey notes that it’s important to double-check the measurements of your bag and ensure the wheels and handles are included. Linear inches should always include wheels and handles and if you don’t include them and your suitcase is over 62”, you will be fined for having oversized luggage. So, don’t just trust what you are told, double-check yourself before you head to the airport.

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